How is the grow gong?

Just wanna start a post to see what’s going on out there? Here is mine!


Oooooooohhh👀 great job bro! I’m honestly ashamed compared that beautiful monster!


Harvesting these 2 ladies this weekend…starting the fan leaf defoliation so I dont have to do it when I chope em!



Some of my girls. Green crack.


Strawberry Cough, Super Silver Haze and Chocolupe, five or six weeks from chopping:

One of the Chocolupe buds:

Next Grow Kicked Off this morning:


What’s the next round of beans I was thinking of growing some choco

2 plants defoliated, gonna give a once over tomorrow, and prepare for early morning sunday harvest!

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Your plants dont look ready to harvest…
It still looks like you have a while to go … :wink:
I think you would be doing yourself a big disservice to chop any time soon… :wink:


Thanks buddy! Mostly milky trichs on both, some amber areas here and there on them, pistils are turning mostly red/brown. I’m being pressured by my wife as well to hurry the F up so there’s that…I’ve got 2 more plants on the edge of the woods right now getting fat for another week, as well as one already in the drying box! :sunglasses:

You will be losing out a lot by harvesting this soon they could go for easy 3-6 weeks or more make sure you are not looking at the leafs when you check your trycombs they change early compared to the middle of the flower itself but I absolutely agree with @peachfuzz Patience is key to a wonderful successful harvest the got some more finishing to do but they are yours Just trying to help you get the best bang for your buck


If I could let them go longer I absolutely would! We are getting our house on the market, so this weekend and the following weekend are my last 2 to have live plants unfortunately. I’m not terribly upset over it tho, this is my first grow and I’m gonna have more that I ever could k ow what to do with, and I’m happy with where the trichs are


Also almost positive I am getting trichs on buds and no sugar leaves, I have a nice usb endoscope that gets in there real good

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Also bagseed :rofl:

And like 50 more where that came from

This is a 51 day flower. Still has 19 days left, or more.