How is she looking?

I put the seed in water on 10/16/21. I planted it on 10/18/21 after it had sprouted an inch long root. So this is 3 days growth after being planted. Is she looking ok? I’m worried about the leaning, seems like the stem is too weak for the height. Should I prop it up with a little stick?

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It’s fine

That lean is not bad. It should grow out of it

She is reaching up for light. What are you using to light her?

Right now I am putting her out in the morning to get sunlight and bringing her in at night. I’m getting a grow light this weekend.

She’s reaching for light… if she leans too bad, you can just add some soil to cover the bottom of the stem and prop with a toothpick. But the toothpick is a crutch and won’t force her to strengthen the stem.

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She stands up better during the middle of the day, then by evening when I bring her in she’s drooping again.

I think it has to much stretch but it looks good u can get some wire and stick one end in ur soil and make a hook to hold her straight or the only other thing i tell u is u can carefully replant her deeper in the soil if ur really worried .wat type of light are u using and is it dimmable ,see when i do my seedlings i have my light on 30-40% but i have my light about 18-20 inches away and i find that the plant doesnt stretch so much it gets bushy and by doing this i always end up with thick healthy stems and branches and i have a fan lightly blowing on the seedlings to strengthen the stems

Looks fine to me. Medium was probably a little too saturated when placed. So she’s having a little difficulty spreading roots is all. Doesn’t look at all over stretched for 3 days. One of my girls went Michael Jackson on me yesterday even. She stretched away from the light. in other words. No matter what I did. She was getting that height. Even if that meant growing away from the light. Turned her around today and made her face it. Lol.

Thanks for the advice everyone. How often should I water her? I use a spray bottle.