How is she looking guys

Pic 1 is day 4 and the other two are today at day 17 how they looking


Day 14 not 4

@Dclark look healthy

Thanks mefis she is a blueberry auto

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No nutes as they can’t get them to me right now(relying on a friend) but is fed on distilled water

What soil are you in? Shouldn’t be needing nutes yet. Might want to consider getting some fabric pots. MUCH better than plastic!
I just finished a Blueberry. 64 days and it was hanging! Blew me away! Only got 3.25 oz off it.


Remember pH you water

That’s not bad bro considering they say the average is 50g a plant u did great I got regular potting compost from Amazon as on a budget. As for fabric pots I may get those in future I wanna see how this turns out first

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Distilled water being used so didn’t think I had to worry about pH levels

I think you should pH cuz that water I think is 7.0 ph

Ohhg I’d better check this tomorrow then it says it’s suitable for plants and not considered harmful under normal laboratory conditions

Check the pH of the water in soil should be 6.0 to 6.5 if you need to known how to low or up you pH I talk you some home products can do that on you water

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But they look beautiful I have one auto sativa lmao my other 2 the mother of nature kill them

How do I check the soil pH level

That’s the distilled water reading

Not bad just little to low for check the soil just in you runoff of the water if you don’t runoff just get some of you soil add you water and check the water on top of soil

You can’t check distilled pH it’s tds is to low to get a reading. If only distilled don’t forget to add CalMag


It isn’t necessary (or even useful or possible) to pH distilled water. Altering the pH of distilled is not possible. There are no ions in distilled water for distilled water to have a pH.


I’ve just moved her to a larger pot but when moving most the compost fell away so I just hope I ain’t damaged her roots else it will be a start again process

I should know buy tomorrow morning if or not she’s damaged right?