How is my plant

Hi this my first time in weed growing ive encountered something strange with my 9 weeks old plant little holes and spots on new fan leaf plz i would very much appreciate you help and guidance on how should i deal with my plant

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Welcome to the community ! looks like some type of insect has been munching on your leaf. Look around on the bottom side of leafs. Also I think your plant is ready for a bigger pot. Good luck


What Kellydans said. Also she looks a little stressed. Maybe overwatered or root bound.


Thank you very much for your insight


Thank you too


Hi community thanks for all the help and support as i stated before im i newbie in weed plants my plant grew exponentially from last time all because of your insights i would very like from you to shed some new insights of how to take care of her much more and are my new leaves color is brighter and whether or not i should transplant her to a bigger pot, last but not least could anyone identify her because my best guess is that she is a hybrid. Thanks in advance for all your help and support. All the love

There ILGM community in new to growing cannabis still this is my second grow and first indoor grow. I repotted my 9 clones October 26, 2020: 3 SPK, 4 Mac’s, 2 GG4’s. I started off pretty rough over watering, ph’d every watering, fed them too many nutrients and would forget to fed them weekly. I spray them with pure crop 1 weekly if I can. Can’t lie I experimented on defoliation. Heard something about the Kyle Kushan technique and how he would cut each node beside the very top and leave about 3-4 fan leaves on each branch to focus the plant on growing vertical. Now I look back regretting allowing myself to do such a thing. I have no idea if I stressed my girls or even stunted them with all the things I’ve done to them. I’m now on week 10 day 3 I’ve been told I’m pretty far behind for an indoor grow. I grow in 3 gallon plastic pots in nature’s pride premium potting soil. Under a 1000 watt gavita. I have a fan circulating air I have a heater since it’s winter and a bit chilling everyday. I have an exhaust fan but no intake fan at the moment. My day temp : 75-77 my night temp: 68-70. My day humidity : 51% my night humidity : 33% I don’t haven’t tested the ph off my run off but since I’ve recent got a blue lab ppm pen I’ve been running tap water through until enough water comes out to test. I run water through about 2-3 times incase the first result is not as accurate. I worry about all my girls but my SPK’s and GG4’s are worrying me the mostly at the moment. With the droopy light green colored leaves to purple-red hues developing on some of the GG4 fan leaves. If there’s anyone who can offer any help it would much appreciated trying to make the most of this grow just need some assistance to get on headed in the right direction.

Lack of magnesium, nitrogen and if the leaves are dry and crumbly it’s lack of water, if subtle, then too much water. Otherwise keep it up.