How is my plant

Hi this my first time in weed growing ive encountered something strange with my 9 weeks old plant little holes and spots on new fan leaf plz i would very much appreciate you help and guidance on how should i deal with my plant

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Welcome to the community ! looks like some type of insect has been munching on your leaf. Look around on the bottom side of leafs. Also I think your plant is ready for a bigger pot. Good luck


What Kellydans said. Also she looks a little stressed. Maybe overwatered or root bound.


Thank you very much for your insight


Thank you too


Hi community thanks for all the help and support as i stated before im i newbie in weed plants my plant grew exponentially from last time all because of your insights i would very like from you to shed some new insights of how to take care of her much more and are my new leaves color is brighter and whether or not i should transplant her to a bigger pot, last but not least could anyone identify her because my best guess is that she is a hybrid. Thanks in advance for all your help and support. All the love