How is my plant looking?

Hello, I’m new here and a new grower and was hoping I could get some opinions regarding the state of my lone plant, from what you can tell from the pic. It Is 2.5 months old. Its still getting 12+ hours of sun. Just looking for some opinions or tips. I clearly didn’t prune the top soon enough, so I let it grow. Should I cut the top back a bit? Hopefully it looks good, overall. I’ve trimmed some yellowing and leaves from the plant along the way, and kept an eye out for nutrient issues… Not sure what kind of yield I’m in for but im hopeful.


Looks great @Gatocat are you ph your water and feeding? I wouldn’t cut anything just let it do it’s thing

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If that was my plant I would top it. But that’s my personal opinion. I would want the branches to come out of that main stalk and the way to do it is to pinch the top.

Thanks for the replies!!
I had considered topping it. I am concerned about its mortality if I do so, i feel it may be too late. Basically it’s already 3 feet tall. If I were to top it, how far from the top would you suggest? Would the plant become too top heavy at this point if I top it, due to its split regrowth? Also would the top I cut off be salvageable, to use as a sort of clone to replant for more yield? I do wonder in its current state how many flowers I may get with it being a bit of a stalk at the top. However, i would rather leave it like this if the plants mortality is an issue, if I top it.
Thanks for the advice!

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Well if that is your only plant then I would be careful and not top it, learn and next grow know to top it, you get more tops and every top is a cola. You want more colas, if you are still a few weeks from flower I would top it, Let me tell you, I broke a branch on one plant to where it was only hanging on by threads and that branch held on and grew into nice buds, That plant can take some abuse, but final product is where it effects.If it was my plant and I knew it was not going to start flowering in a few weeks I would pinch the very new newest little sprout on the very top, give it some good PH 6.3 water and wait. Right now all energy goes to one cola, the top one, when you top it, the plant loses the thought pattern feeding one major cola and thinks all the colas are major and thats how people get all these big colas on one plant. It will not become too top heavy if you top it, it will if you don’t but just use a bamboo stick to support it if you decide not top it, Hey there will be more grows. Believe me the split regrowth will be stabilized by the lower branches getting bigger, making it no top heavy. No clone from the top, you are only going to pinch the very small new growth off, not even enough to put in pipe to smoke. The flowers you will get right now will be one big one on top and lots of little ones , like popcorn buds on the rest, I usually top when there are 5 leaves high on plant, then top the new ones in a couple weeks, then you got something going, or you can FIM which is another science, but takes plant longer to recover. I would err to caution and maybe let this go, bud it out and the next one practice topping and you will see, Experience is the best teacher.

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Thanks for the info! I’m sure it could take being topped. I think. It seems pretty resilient. I like the idea of more bigger colas. Here is a picture of its current state. Is it too late to do it? I don’t think it’s started flowering yet. Thanks!

I wouldn’t top it at this point, she’s about to flower. I also wouldn’t prune any leaves. Ride it out and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Thanks for all the good pointers! I’ll just sit back and watch it happen

One more question. Since my girl is starting to flower, is there a recommended fertilizer to use during this final stage? Here are some pics of the brand I used a couple times during the vegetative state. Any recommendations for a flowering stage one would be appreciated. Thanks for all the help thus far!!

True, too far.