How is my plant growing

From a fellow grower:

I just wanted to know some tips on the best way to grow my plant ill send through some photos of it and how its going but i tend to get holes in some leafs and ive treated it for spider mites and everything but just stuck on what it might be, would really appreciate your help thanks

i took more photos of the plant i have a close up of what i was talking about wasnt to sure what it is and i just wanted your opinion on how you think my plant is growing

If i’m not mistaken thats from over watering.
But at the same time underwatering looks the same
…I know it don’t figure…but its true…only you know how much you water.

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Light system, size?

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I would like to help use out but i was given this by one of my mates when it was already a baby plant so i dont know to much just reasearching stuff on how to grow it