How is my Plant doing?

I have included picture of the CFL Bulb i currently use as well as updated pictures. Whenever i have the opportunity i try to put it out on the window sill for actual sun. Then at night i just put it under the lamp. Heat stress for which one? all of them? Here are today’s pictures. I noticed there is some spotting on my Blue Plant. What can i do to remedy all my plants issues? When should i try to flower?

looks nice 2 nice seedlings and sprout you can start 2 with some more light and food put them in the container there going to finish in. good luck

I really do not see an issue either. :smile:
A lot of times; Our plants take time to adjust to new life. I prefer to let them thrive on their own, before I attempt to remedy a problem that is not there. Let’s see how it goes; And, remember that due to the hybrid strains we grow today; All plants are not created equal, even if they come from the same batch of bred stock.

Later, lw

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Hi livewire thanks for your input. You think i need to move them into bigger pots? Or will these puts be big enough?

Hi latewood, thanks for your comments! When do you think i should start the 12/12 for flowering? Seems the sprout (orange)is lagging behind in growth. I will wait and see for this one.

do not wont to root bind your plant you need to go as big as your space can handle and as much light but watch your temperature and USE NPK more N during veggie. good luck

HI Livewire61,

I didn’t think i would have to use bigger pots. Since the pots they are currently in are made of plastic and not easy to cut. Do you have any reccomendation on how i can transplant without damage? Also i saw a big centipede like bug in my blue plant this morning. I killed it with a soldering iron.

let the plant stay in that container until roots are established . before you put in at least 5 gallons with good drainage then fill container full pull out soil from container so the plant will fit then put some leftover soil on it .Water and start feeding . When close to10.5 hr of nite time during the day they will start flowering hopefully. Be careful

krackyz … That bug is big and ugly. I started my seed in the 8 gallon pots I was going to leave them in. I had an outdoor grow and needed to use the big pots. You would probably be okay with 5 gallon pots.
Best of luck in your grow.

Hey livewire thanks, how can i know when the root is established fully?



Thanks MT1! I’ll get them and look at transplanting videos.

let the plants get larger and your soil will start firming up

Sorry, I took so long to come back to your thread.

No. You do not need to re-pot these plants for 2-4 weeks yet.

Nowhere near time to induce 12/12 photo period. Let the plants get 12-18" tall before considering re-pot.

Re-pot to 3 gallon pots. Allow 2 week for roots to adapt, then flower them at 12/12 Happy Growing :slight_smile:

Hi latewood,

Great to know. I bought bigger pots and im more worried i will mees up the transplant.
I have uploaded pictures of the plants today.

  1. why is orange not growing up to par, the stem seems to be having trouble turning green?
  2. Do you think the new pot is big enough for it?

Those appear to be maybe those self watering pots – that you leave water sitting in the bottom of – to “wick” up to the plant. If this is so, these are not really good for cannabis as its roots can drown or become waterlogged easily. If the soil is staying too wet, this will hamper root development and might explain the small plant. Without a large robust root system the plant will not be able to get big.

Happy growing,


Krackyz … you can use those pots … just pull the plastic thing out of it. That way there won’t be water sitting at the bottom of the pot.

Best of luck to you

Hi Macgyverstoner,

Then what should i do to resolve this? should i transplant this small plant first to a big pot? When i do transplant should i wait til the soil is dry or moist? I’m just nervous about the transplant process.



Hi MT1,

Thanks, I didn’t know that at first. since the plants are growing okay, should i continue to wait until it gets bigger before i transplant? I will remove the water disc as you reccomended.

I used pots like that when I 1st started. You will be OK. It is not much different than leaving a greenhouse style pot in a plant saucer. The only thing is; You don’t see runoff, unless you fillo the pot until the vents leak.

How about a side view of that pot? Bottom view? What size did you say that was?