How is my plant doing so far?

Question from a fellow grower!

This is my Jilly Bean auto flower not sure if I’m doing this grow right or not but in your opinion does it look ok and what can I give her to help her bud bigger or am I doing fine. I do t know what to expect from this plant as it’s my first one I’ve grown. LoL PLZZ help me if u can. I have been feeding her soi baby formula for calcium n everything else and rain water from my rain barrel… here is the lastest pic of her today. Thank u for ur advice in advance. Pat HICKEY.

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Sorry to say buddy that’s a full blown male carefully bag him and destroy then change clothes and shower before going back near grow pollen will get evrywhere


As said above that is u fortunately a male plant and should be taken and thrown out especially if you have other plants he owing near it it’s best to get rid of it gently without bursting open the pollen sacks. Traditionally speaking male plants tend to grow faster and taller so that they are able to fill get their pollen over a wide spread area. Female plants don’t grow as fast, are usually not as tall and more full than lanky until you prune her down. These are all pictures through growth phases that allowed me to keep track of my plants progress. As always happy growing

Other than that, you’re doing great
Healthy looking happy plant

Kill it