How is my outdoor plant doing


I have no personal experience with ILGM genetics. Sorry!


white widow is cool because of the deal. there are other strains with deals as well.

other than that you want to look at your growing conditions.

considering its going to be indoor start there and sift through the different seeds/stats on ilgm’s seed shop


Hey I got more seeds but I don’t know if there gonna take yet we will find out in 24 hours I had 4 given to me that is Girl Scout cookies the seeds them selves are dark brown with spots and lines on them and I’ve heard that’s a good thing, I have my lighting all ready and my pots and soil ready as well plus a 5 gallon bucked with a crap ton of holes drilled in it with pebbles in the bottom and soil on top of that to make sure it will drain this time


Sounds like you’re ready this time. Keep us posted.


Ok so I do have a couple questions,

  1. can I use fish fertilizer that is 5-1-1
  2. when should I start lst for better growth
  3. what’s the best watering methods
  4. once I plant in soil from germination what light cycle should I use
  5. I have plant food pebbles with that work for nutes,
  6. any solid tips this go around I could try or do differently


Those are all great questions, but I recommend we go one step at a time for less confusion. Have these seeds germinated yet? Once they pop up you can give them 24 hours of light for the first week, then go to 18/6 till flower.

Some tips: Don’t put rocks or pebbles in the bottom of the pots, this isn’t necessary if you’ve got lots of holes. What it does is deprive the roots of needed soil at the bottom of the pot. Also, get some good soil with no time release nutes in it.

Food pebbles, not quite sure what this is, but if it’s what I think, don’t use this. These are slow release nutrients that don’t work well for cannabis, and once they’re in the soil you can’t get them out. I suggest you use a nutrient line that is meant for cannabis, like Foxfarm trio, Grow Big, Big Bloom, and Tiger Bloom. This is a great line for beginners.

Watering is a whole issue in itself, so it’s best to deal with it as you go. At first you water very little, only misting, but later when roots have filled your big pots you water to runoff so you can rest and read the ph and PPM of your plants.

LST can start any time once the plant is big enough, about 4 or 5 weeks, sometimes sooner.

Start your grow journal so we can all keep up with the grow and help you as you need it.


Ok sounds good and as of today the 4 seeds I soaked in water for 24 hours then put in a damp paper towel overnight in a dark Tupperware dish and drawer well all 4 seeds are starting to sprout with just a little white root starting to come out sonim gonna give them another day so the root is a lil bigger before I place it in my lil planter of soil then place it under the grow light for 24 hours a day with light misting




@well just put the seeds in soil and misted them there now under the grow light and we will see how it goes from there hopefully we will see something in a week or so, how far should my light be away from them right now it’s anout 18 inches