How is my outdoor plant doing


She is looking better each day



Consider trimming the lower branch nubs to send the energy to the top cola.

Im hoping that the full light will reveg it


SO cut all these branche nodes and leaves


That what your talking about


@HornHead hes wondering if he should cut the lower branches. Frankly, i am too.


Well @amosmoses I cut them yesterday we will see what happens


it was misguided advice for me to say cut them.

considering that they were getting light and not blocked by bigger branches they shouldnt have been cut i dont think.

im hoping you at least kept the fan leaves


Shit I cut them alllike you said maybe I misunderstood you but I cut them all branches and leaves because the leaves were yellow


@amosmoses @raustin @HornHead
I just walked out to this, what the hell happened it was doing so good and looking amazing and smelling so good what happened!!!


It looks overwatered. Are the holes on the bottom of the pot clear? Is it draining properly?


Yes but I can make more and bigger ones if need be, and to get it better do I need to turn the lights and fan off to let it heal


No, don’t turn anything off. It needs to dry out quickly. Drill some more holes in the bottom of the bucket, and on the sides too, that should help. I think it’s not getting enough oxygen.


Ok I will how often should I water it because I water it every day and spray the leaves and too with a water bottle


Only water when the soil is dry. She definitely looks like she is drowning. You need to put her in the sunshine for a while after drilling holes, and let her dry out. Weed does not like to be over watered. She will come back strong, just get her some sun. Good luck, :smile:


Every day is definitely too much. Allow the soil to dry out a few inches from the top before you water again. Also, while she’s in flower you want to stop spraying the leaves. Wet buds can lead to bud rot.


I put her back in veg to really grow because the nodes wasn’t growing but the top was growing like crazy


Well I think she is done for and won’t come back from it !@#$ my life and I don’t have the money or any more seeds well maybe next year I guess


Oh, no! Im so sorry, @Jaygrant55. Don’t blame yourself, the things happen. Overwatering is probably the biggest problem for new growers. If you start another seed tag me and I’ll get you through the grow. Maybe you’ll find some bag seed.


I haven’t found seeds in anything I’ve had that was one seed out of an ounce, prob won’t find another seed for a while