How is my outdoor plant doing

This is my first time growing, I don’t have a grow room or anything but I started this indoors and transplanted it outside kinda hidden but still gets okebty if sunlight, is this how my plant should look and is it doing ok or not this is just one seed that sprouted out of 4


She looks good.


Is she just starting to flower or what I have no clue what I’m doing but trying to read and learn how to grow

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not yet.

what kind of seed is it?

She looks good, but could probably use more sunlight.

White widow

White widow I think

Should I leave it where it is or dig it up and put it in a 5 gallon bucket where I can move it in and out of sunlight

autoflower or photo?

did you get it from a nug of weed?

depends on whether or not its an autoflower

She looks healthy but stretching a bit. She needs at the very least, 5 hrs of direct sunlight. Mine get 10+ outdoors.

This pic was only 2 months into growing season.

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Yes I got it from a nug of white widow from a buddy’s plant

it isnt an autoflower so it is much more acceptable to transplant it.

however if you are transplanting it you will want a bigger bucket than 5 gallons. these plants can grow up to be huge.

another option is to low stress train it down into the sun more. i would do that anyway personally, i love lst… ill post a pic of an autoflower that i lsted by just bringing the main top down. another perk of lst is that it can help camouflage the plant.

if you are going to go that route i would do some tree trimming around it so the sun isnt as blocked

These were taken today I don’t know what to cut or anything


IMO I wouldn’t transplant now. It looks like it is starting to preflower already. I personally would be sketched to move it. I agree with the post above where the guy suggested to LST into the sun more. Or you can just try to remove some branches of the bush/tree that is above your girl that are blocking the light she is getting.

More light = more yield

But the plant looks great. Also looks exactly like my White Widows did when I grew some a while back.

What is LST and the other abbreviation y’all using, and I can’t remove much cover it’s not legal yet where I live so I don’t wanna get caught I would love to have more knowledge about growing and indoor setup so if anyone wants to help I’d appreciate it y’all can send me a message on Snapchat if you have it at jaygrant55

She looks healthy…you grow outside so watch out for bugs! you don`t need to cut anyhing, just give her more space around. Plants growing outside are sometimes really big :smiley:
keep going and keep aus updatet!

So I don’t need to plant her where she is getting more sun because I can’t trim a lot of those tree branches because I do t have a way to get that high can I trim it to where it grows wider rather than taller

LST stands for Low Stress Training. It involves carefully bending your plants to make a bushier final plants. but it is low stress because you aren’t breaking stems or cutting the plant, you are only bending it.

If you google it, there are tons of articles on the science of how it works and how to do it.


Ok so in doing this which ones do I need to bend down I just dig up my plant and moved it to where it will get more sun and made sure I dig deep and wide enough to get all the roots so I didn’t harm the plant, so I just need to bend the main stalk since I only have one stalk or do I need to bend all upper stems and leaves