How important is RH?

Hello, my humidifier is broken, I had hopes that I could refill it automatically via a pump, so i drilled a hole in the top of the tank. It seems that the humidifier needs its “vacuum” in the tank, so now it leaks like hell.

How important is the RH? What problems does low RH cause?



It happens. Just do your best. You can put buckets or cups of water in the room to help. All you can do is try to keep it as stable as you can. I worry more about high humidity in flower vs low humidity during veg.

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So low humidity in veg is less of a problem?

Less than optimal growth during veg, but I’ve run humidity as low as 30 to 40% during veg before without problems. Low humidity is desirable during flowering, not so ideal for veg.

For optimal environment, observe the following RH guidelines.


Yea. I mean optimal growth you want spot on humidity but i know i cany afford that at all times. So i try to keep it close as i can.

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Epoxy cement should fix your hole in the tank

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There, i fixed it!


this is my new favorite RH chart, this one is getting printed/laminated. Thank you so much you rock!!!

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Happy you found it useful.

haha nice job my dude , i feel it use what you already have.