How important is ppm

My situation is this. When I change my nutes per the schedule for flora trio I start with ro water with ppm 46 then I blend the nutes in the order prescribed and in the amounts recommended and when finished my ppm is 2200. The flora chart says for week 3 1200-1400ppm. Is there a point where ppm is too much? Should I dilute to get in the 1200 to 1400 or is 2200 ok? As the plant eats ppm goes up and I top off with fresh water (until I change res out at end of week ) the ppm went down to 2100. The plant seems ok. Here’s a pic @ 4 weeks. All the while I maintain ph 5.6 - 5.8.
Thanks in advance.



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Yes definitely you can seriously burn plants with to much of a given nutruent… are you measuring accurately because if your at 2200 with 54ppm ro and your supposed to be in 1200to 1400 range seems like you double dosed …are you using anything except the trio? And what exactly does the trio’s chart call for …if you did double on accident cut it in half with pure water if you made 1 gallon …add one more gallon it will bring you down to 1100… but make sure you mixed it right… I dont use the trio but I use ppms when needed I dont ever test ppms because it’s usually the same ecspecially if your following a chart


According to this chart looks like 50ml of micro correct. I figure if the micro amount is right then I’m doing the rest as well. I do add 25ml of cal mag. All this for 5 gallons of water.

The plant doesn’t look burnt. Also if it makes a difference this is ebb and flow hydro. 4 feeds per day every 4 hours for 15 minutes.

You say 50 ml of micro thats 5gal of 10ml gal …where your getting your ramp up from …this feed scheduel dosent call for cal mag and I dont think it factors in 5ml gal of calimagic for the 1200 to 1400 approximation…calimagic is thick and I would guess 5ml gal is considered full strength calimagic… so to be at 2000+ dosent seem off but it does seem high for this stage all those numbers seem high in millimeters wise…
Your plants are all small still I’d dial all those numbers back 25% mix it up and take a reading I bet you will be much closer to the 1400 and that still is high but being synthetic it has tendencies to burn I’d stay under full strength film there bigger and when you add or remove a bottle gradually introduce to recomended levels … I’ve use gh at full strength and burned alot of plants so be ware

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I grow in soil but use GH CALiMAGic. CALiMAGic will raise my PPM around 120 points at 1ml per liter.


Looks like their feed schedule says for extended veg continue week 3. Also I bought the flora micro for hardware but then switched to ro and gh and was concerned about the micro for hardware so called general hydro and they said difference between regular micro and the hardware formula was the latter has less calcium so add cal mag to make up for it. I removed 1/2 gallon and replaced w to water ppm now 1700. Next res change I will defiantly cut back on the nutes. The leaves don’t show any signs of deficiency or burn but I do feel it is smaller than should be by begin week 4 ( this is week 4 from seedling emerge) maybe due to chems also had light to close and bright which didn’t give me any stretch at all. Oh well those are notes for next grow gotta raise this one before I can worry about the next.

Your more then likely just salt cake up your lines and trays. Keep an eye on build up for now.

Running my rdwc’s I would have the same and wonder how in the world are everyone else’s levels so low?

Reduce to 3/6/9 ml /gal (damn girl fine)

Ramp her up to normal feeding for flowering

Calimagic keep at 5-10 ml gal it’s necessary

And no need for any other additives


Thank you

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Girls look good btw! It’s sometimes best if we take ourselves out of the equation and allow them to do their thing.

She’ll show you if she’s unhappy, yellow fast from bottom up. You keep an eye on her and she’ll take care of you.

Once the roots establish where the plant is happy she’ll take off

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Awesome advice, not doing anything is something I can do lol. Thanks a lot.


Thank you @PharmerBob … I try to tell ppl intro to flower you need to elevate cal mag no matter manufacturers suggestions …its a surge of calcium magnesium sulphur and nitrogen… intron 7n5 ml/g from start of flower to week 6 cal mag usually get cut around week 6of a8 week flower time