How important an when to give nutes

I will be a month in tomorrow since starting my first grow I have calmag an the fox Farm trio I only use calmag big bloom an grow big mix once a week should I use it more often don’t want to burn them so I just water when needed an feed on Saturday’s

Depends on what you are growing in.
Just a kind bit of advice…If you stick with one thread instead of starting a new one for each question it helps us immensely. We don’t have to ask the same questions you already answered in previous discussions.


Makes sense thank’s for the friendly advice. I’m growing in a 3×3 tent HF soil 3bagseeds 1 auto AK fem (she’s only two weeks)

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What kind of soil/medium are you running? And how are the ladies looking? I wouldnt try to overcompensate if you are seeing no issues.


What are your ppm runoff readings??? This determines when to start neuts


Hello…what should ppm be??? at what stages? so much conflicting info…

HF soil with perlite mix I think they are doing ok just was wondering if I could give more often I’ve seen not problems with the one feeding so far started my first LST the other day hope I did it right



Haven’t checked the ppm yet :man_facepalming::man_facepalming:what should the range be?

Depends on your soil , but it is what it is. Get a TDS meter. Without it your flying blind. Rule of thumb is add neuts when soil gets around 800 to 1000 ppms.


So if runoff 1200 don’t add

If you have already fed them and now you are getting 1200 TDS your fine. It may be a little low? Need some one with more Info to chime in. @BobbyDigital

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Ok so 1200 is ok I checked the first time I gave them nutes weeks ago runoff was 1200 should be getting my new TDS tomorrow

Was the 1200 reading before adding neuts or after???

That was After giving haven’t been able to check since but I still feed them once a week since

They actually look just fine. I prefer to feed, water,feed, water. Just so the salt buildup will occur slower.


Thank you an thank’s for the advice
I’m still trying to figure out the ideal humidity til flower should it be 40-60 or 60-75 without humidifier I get 48% an 80 temp should I be worried

@Breed89 hy man easy way to know went and how nute you plants without nute burn

1- if you re in hff or ffof
They have nute until you week 3 o 4 of you plant so you should started with 1/4 amount see how they reactions

2- went you nute you plant at that weeks add more calmag that nute and mix all every time you add nute to the water and check you pH went you finished be 6.1 to 6.5, I recommended 6.4 o 6.5 is perfect

3- feed twist a week then two time water pH

4- add more nute every week just seed how she feel

5- by week 7 and 8 add more bloom that’s went she need more

6- flushed the last two week

I bet you you don’t get nute burn in you plants

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