How I wash my buds

I wash my harvest before drying (both indoor and outdoor). It does not hurt the trichomes, and I believe it results in better tasting smoke. Once you try it and see how dirty the wash water is, you will not want to be smoking that dirt. I wash in diluted hydrogen peroxide solution with one drop of dish detergent. Most people recommend 8 ounces of H2O2 per 5 gallons of water; someone else can translate that into liters

I harvested one plant of The White first week of September, this was a clone started in April. This is an outdoor grow with wind blown dirt, bird poop, bug poop, garden splash, and other environmental impurities.


The cuttings.

My wash line. From left to right: a box of cuttings, wash bin with 10 gallons of pH 6.0 water, 16 ounces of H2O2, and one drop of dish detergent, Then a rinse bin, and finally an empty bin for the wet washed buds.

I weight down the buds with metal grill pans (clean but ugly) because buds want to float. I want the buds submerged in “disinfecting” solution for 6 to 8 minutes.

When time is up, or I become impatient, I remove the weights, use one hand to clear a corner of floating buds while I grab the stems of other buds and dunk a couple times to agitate, let it drip for a second, then throw into the rinse bin. I dunk each bud a couple times in the rinse, let drip, then place in the final bin ready for drying.

Dirty water; you don’t want to smoke this crap.

Drying branches on a line and small buds in a hanger. These start out very wet, but after a day they are about the same moisture content as unwashed buds. That’s a Gorilla Glue starting to flower in the background.


Super helpful. Sold!

You can do this w/o pHing or adding dish soap. An h2o/h2o2 dip & a rinse in clean water is more than sufficient. I’d be worried soap (even a drop), which removes oils & such, would not rinse cleanly off the plant.

Jeorge Cervantes has a great video of his method. 1 cup peroxide to 5 gallons cool/room temp plain h20. Dip plant gently & swirl gently in solution, rinse gently in cool/room temp plain h2o, hang to dry water from plant, then you can dry your bud as you normally would. The bud will be in the solution for 30 seconds at the very most.


Great info, will definetly try this!

Thanks i was wondering about to go about this cause last year i didnt wash and found things in my weed you dont want to find, like that bug that died 4 weeks ago on your bud and still there when you go to load a bowl lol. So yes i will be washing all my flowers from now on. Especially after seeing your water afterwards, and thanks again


I cut, washed, and hung my untrimmed branches in less than 2 hours. While they are hanging, I snip off leaves and extra stems while the tissue is soft.

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Got 12 ounces of semi dry, semi trimmed harvest from this “The White”. I believe this was an Autoflower, because it started to flower at 10 weeks.

It’s off the hanging line and into bags, then into jars with Boveda packs in about a week.

:clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5: Nice haul bro. Well done. How she smelling?

@PurpNGold74 Thanks! I still haven’t separated out the fluff, and I’m a “loose” trimmer.
I did smoke a couple bowls, it smokes well. It smells good, piney, but The White has a rep for low odor, still it should improve with curing in jars. The White is named because the buds and leaves look white covered with trichomes, mine didn’t seem to have more than normal.

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Happens sometjmes… hope she smokes like a champ after ur cure :+1:t5: