How i smoke this? dabs or vape?

im old school. i like doobies and bong hits, call me crazy lol.
so i dont have ton of experience with other methods so much.

got this from friend. says Co2 extracted on side of canister.
i thought i could fill vape cartridge with it but,…this is thicker than what ive seen before.

this for dabs?

yeah nevermind. just watched videos on 1,000 ways to smoke wax/oil.

i like simple. ive selected, little drop on top of packed bowl :dizzy_face:

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Yea you can vape that, but if you were doing it I would suggest using an oil rig, because with that you can heat the nail extremely high and it all vaporizes, unlike some vape pens that leave behind a residue, the rigs don’t.

Something you could do for your doobies too, you can heat the oil up with indirect heat so it’s more pliable or liquidy, then you can “paint” the oil onto the side of your rolled doobie, giving it an oil coating. Some people do this with cigarettes too.


cool, thanks for tips.

gonna put some on a joint now, the stuff i smoked in bowl tastes really good.

I’m with you…old school all the way.

When I was a kid, besides walking miles to school barefoot, we smoked joints or pipes. That was it. The diversity was the type of rolling paper or the shape of the pipe.

Now…I think I’m up to date with a vaporizer…but still like my bong, and joints with company.

Sometimes, I think we have made things too complicated.
Oh well, time for this old dog to learn some new tricks…dabs, oils, waxes…


And the School was Up hill both ways. lmao