How I make BHO (butain extraction)

Tools and material used.
“Zkittles” that I ground up in the coffee bean grinder and stuffed the tubes with.
Tubes are a turkey baster and some medicine bottles that i cut the lids to make rings to hold the screens.

Doing this outside with someone at home to hopefully save my life if something goes wrong :upside_down_face:
Safety first y’all!
Do more research on safely “open blasting butain” then just my post please… This step can be extremely dangerous so be safe!
But it’s pretty straight forward.
I place silicone dish (cake pan this time, but any will work) in another dish with water i got to a boil in microwave (boil water however you can and pour it in first dish and place silicone in the hot water)
I squirt/blast the butain through the tubes into the silicone dish and let it condense down till I can gather up the “wax”.

Once gathered up i place it on some parchment paper and place it in a vacuum chamber.

My chamber is only 1gal so its small :confused:
I’ll pull a small vacuum watching so it doesn’t “marshmallow up” and touch the sides, turning vacuum on and off at first till it settles down.
I will then place the chamber in a “hot bath” just like the dish outside.
Heating the chamber helps speed up the purging process and remove all the butain gas from the product.

Here’s 3 grams of the finished product.