How I got off prescription RX using Roberts meds would love to hear your story !'


I have been on mini prescription narcotics for my back I have rods and screws there are broke I was very fortunate in July of last year when I stumble upon @RobertBergman website. And with a fine choices of medication he has I have now been two weeks clean of methadone Oxsee and Hydro and four different muscle relaxers !!! It seems like it would be a hard thing to do which it is that you have to make up your mind if you want to put poison in your body or something natural that does job The chronic widow is the best for my pain the ww is great and gold leaf super skunk ssh a must do to make us all feel better naturally I would love to hear anyones story hope this can inspire any of you who are stuck on these pills including our wonderful veterans I am here for you even if you need someone to talk to you you will be taken care of on the site thank you for your service and hopefully we can help each other out I hope everyone has a wonderful day peace out :pig2:


You’re the man David and I’m so proud of you for going through that and sharing your journey! I can’t wait to hunt with you this year!



awesome brother,peace!!! i live with pain every day…used to the docters would offer me pain meds galore! i could not take them because of my cdl. now i do not drive they want to bs me about them so i do not bother with pills… i’m a MMJ man all the way!


Thanks a lot guys


Thanks for sharing. Our family also has had problems with prescription drugs. Hubby suffers from PTSD from Vietnam. Many years of tranquilizers and antipsychotics and still no relief. My health started failing got down to 84lbs and doctors couldn’t help. A friend got is some medical and I started to put on weight, most of hubby’s demons were gone. Was costing a small fortune as y’all know.
We started looking around and found ILGM, on our first grow, looking forward to doing all again


@Hogmaster, I have degenerative disc disease and used to be 6’5". I also suffer from sleep issues. Not overweight at all: right at 200 lbs now. The doctor prescribed vicodin for the back, and lorazapam and benadryl as a sleep aid. Since going to cannabis in January I have taken 1 vicodin and am off the sleep aid. I’ve generally been sleeping better than I have in years. Plus, I always liked the high lol.


I also have degenerative disc disease that’s what ended up really making my issues worse but I’ll tell you now Roberts seems have change my life and I think God for it every day


Now, if cannabis could solve my prostate issues, blood pressure issues etc I’d be fantastic! Lol


Good for you @Hogmaster. Be proud of that accomplishment. I’ve had fibromyalgia for over 20 years and had been on a cocktail of pain meds, sleep meds and anti-inflamatories for as long. In 2015 I started having serious abdominal issues and after test after test after test it was determined that I was toxic from all the years of meds. My rheumotologist took me off everything - as you know it was not easy - and prescribed MMJ. Best thing that ever happened and wish I had done it years ago. I feel like I’m living again.


Now see @AnneBonny those are the kind of stories I love to hear I’ve never felt better in my life lost over 100 pounds in the last seven months I can tell I don’t have any problems in my back as long as I keep up all my medications that are not owned by Big Pharma when I can do it at home myself keep the stories coming people (I LOVE IT ) make me happy :blush:


I too suffer the pain. 4 bulging discs in my neck and may need surgery. I had some serious side affects from the prescription meds and quit cold turkey. I ended up going through serious withdrawals like a dang heroin addict and ended up in ER with an iv.
I plan on growing a mini forest and medicate naturally for the rest of my days. God willing


Any of you that need help or have any questions please feel free to get a hold of me I’m here to help anyone who wants to get off make it possible because it is


I used a well balance of probiotics and super foods in fruit smoothies to help rebuild the internal organs as to strengthen the immune system to help shorten the duration of diarrhea from the opiate withdrawals which is a great assessment with positive results and also the fever like cold chills and sweating , so with the help of CBS oil and good quality cannabis can keep an appetite and coconut water helps extremely with dehydration and energizing natural every as it helps remove oxydated stress from the blood cells with also helps shorten your time in withdrawals from the high levels of opiate levels in the human system . So a low protein and carb diet with natural omega 3 and iron and probiotics is essential as well in your pursuit of getting clean , and just to add a bonus a raw organic opinion slices underneath the ball of each foot with socks also helps to remove and draw out blood toxins as well to create the body normal defenses to offset the brutal onslaught the prescription pills cause to our body’s immune system . So for every action is a reaction so become proactive to win !!!


Another similar topic. And a quick one about myself and my wife both suffer from chronic pain, back and neck as well as additional nerve pain with my wife. She is still on light meds as she is a little skeptical still, but I am off all of my meds. I started growing for my wife and I and like @Myfriendis410 I like to get a nice buzz on once in awhile, lol.

Here is a similar thread we did a few months back!

Also if you’re new to the site there are other topics on edibles, vaping and canna-caps as alternate means of ingesting your meds.


@Hogmaster, I want to get off all my meds ,while in hospital I changed from the patch back to two targin a day , what worries me is the withdrawals, how do i get past them , or do I just smoke more during that time


@Coltfire I was fortunate enough to wean myself down but I still had withdraws that lasted a week it sucks but after it’s done it will be well worth it my friend and yes whenever I started feeling all itchy and stuff the chronic when it was been my best friend since I’ve been off the high CBD and THC is by far The best meds I found for my issues so far


@Hogmaster ,i had planned on weaning myself down,in strength before going off them completely, I just have to get my GP on board, the DR’s in the hospital where all for it , but at this time in our history ,they could not recommend it ,as its not legal here yet.


You’re going through the exact same thing I’m going through if you need anything hit me up and I am behind you 100%


So all, I got this email today and the subject was Replacing Prescription Drugs and Alcohol with Cannabis. This is an online course available to all.

It is on June 8th at 5 PM PACIFIC / 8 PM EASTERN

I’m also going to post this in my Garden topic, to make sure the word gets out

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Thanks @bob31,do appreciate it