How i clone outdoor

This is how i do it. This was cut and i use roottech normally a 5 to 6 day process. I leave totally unatended . I have found this makes the plant respond to the change. Where it was born it will grow. Same lite cycle and a raised temp and humidity.

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Have you tried No Wilt, or Miracle Grow Leaf Shine to support your clones foliage while rooting? :wink:

No I haven’t im gonna have to look them up.thanks

For years we hvae used a product called No-Wilt. It allows us to root cuttings by spraying it on the tops after preparing clones. No dome is necessart. It is a waxy type feel, so leaves do not shrivel up, and droop.

Leaf Shine is almost identical and I use it because it works just as well and I can pop into Wally’s Box Garden and get some.

I also use Schultz rooting powder; Also available at Wally’s or any decent garden store.


Ok thank you. I have been learning so much. I am forced to grow indoor. But ive grown outdoor for many years. I have never really had to clone before but so far im batting 1000. Maybe this can keep my stats up