How I can completely mask the smell of a growing plant

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

if it were possible I am wondering how I can completely mask the smell of a growing plant the plant will be concealed under my bed in a large storage space but I am avoiding detection from family members or law enforcement if you can please respond to this and thank you so much for your help.

Ona gel in your room. While this may also affect the plants smell, or lack their of. It’s pretty strong stuff.

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Unfortunately I don’t think it’s possible. During flower the plants emit a pretty strong scent. I had two of the 6" variety carbon filters running in my small grow room and the scent was dramatically reduced, but not eliminated.

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I use this, works great! I have it near the outlet of my veg closet. No smells at all. Makes the bathroom the closet is in smell nice, too.


I don’t think you can do it every time you open it it will reek and pin holes ,zippers let out smell filters will help

I found something by accident. I had fungus gnats and someone told me to put cinnamon on the top of my soil to kill them. For over a week all u could smell was cinnamon. If I had reapplied it it would still smell like it. There was no bud smell at all and mine are in late flower.

put ona in the exhaust system near the end where it vents out your property or you can buy a ona tube
putting it straight in the grow room affects the taste and smell of the plant and you can’t get rid of it as it strong stuff but yeah it does mask the smell well I use it

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Next time use a sliced up potato and put the slices on the soil…problem solved…no smell

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I did that as well.

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Good deal hope it worked for ya


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I flushed with peroxide, doused with cinnamon, covered with potatoes, loaded them with DE and ended up harvesting early Bc nothing was working. I have one left I refuse to take early but I can handle 1 plant with them not a roomful. And they are very minimal at this point.

I feel ya brother. I had spider mites for three years before I could get rid of them for good
I had to shut down and clean down everything and I mean everything.