How hot is too hot for outdoor?!

I’m in the MS country and it’s starting to get in the low 90’s with a heat index in the 100’s during the day and only gonna get worse for a while! Recently started going with first half of day in sunlight and second half in shade with the girls but how hot is simply too hot for the girls?

I think it all just depends on direct sun light and surface reflections. Just make sure you cover any reflective surface (metals basically) that can give off a beam of light and heat) I live in SoCal Desert area and on a daily it gets to high 90s to mid 100s (it’s even gotten to 115) so I think they should be fine. My plants get about 15 hours of daylight. About 7 of my plants get 12 direct sun and 3 off and on shade and those are definitely the ones thriving, rather than the other half that get probably 7 hrs direct and more shade during the day. So I think you’ll be fine honestly.

Edit: Also you’ll notice when they start to get heat stressed because the leaves on the plant will start to taco shell and or become V like. Just keep an eye on them you should be fine.