How hot is too hot for my green crack babies

I added some lights to my closet grow. I’ve got 3 green crack plants that are 4 weeks into flowering. This raised the temp considerably. How hot is too hot and how much heat can they handle

Depends on the light source too.
Canopy temps are recommended around 80-88F. They can get hotter than that, but be sure to water probably more often than you think. I try not to let it get any hotter than that.
Outside grows I’ve seen past the 100’s, and as long as they’re kept watered, they do fine.

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19-30c is often hot or to hot inside a tent.

Depends on airflow though and direct sunlight, how close your lights are.

If you put your hand on the plants, feel on the back hot the light is. If it’s to hot for your hand to stay there, it’s to hot for your plants.

85F is my freak out point. I prefer below 80F but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Your plants will let you know if they don’t like it by showing light and/or heat stress signs.

In addition to temp, ensure humidity is in sync. Temp and humidity go hand in hand.

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