How high should PPM be for soil

My water has a PPM of 200 and after I add full strength nutes it reads 1100.
I just limed a few days ago and my run off measured 1150.
There’s a lot of PPM/EC readings but most are for hydroponics.Also the ntes I’m using has no PPM or EC recommended,just add 15ml to one gallon of water.
Is there an ideal PPM or max PPM in waterings and run off for soil?

Sounds great to me. After watering with that label directions; Water with ph’d 6.5 water 1-2 times in between adding nutrients…UNLESS; You see yellowing of leaves prematurely. Let the plant tell you when you add nutrients, but I do it, every 2nd in flower, and every 3rd watering in bloom. This is my soil recommendation. What you are doing is allowing the slats to be used and rinsed out of the soil; Proactively keeping the soil from nutrient salt buildup. Kind of, a flush as you go :slight_smile:

PPM 1100 is great!