How have you camouflaged the vents in your grow room?

Just got my 8" fan and filter today, getting ready to go to Home Depo or such to try and figure out a configuration to make the intake and exhaust look like the rest of the vents in the house. I am assuming that it’s a simple matter of finding an 8" round to horizontal section of duct, then adding a vent cover. We all know what happens when we assume…Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


They will have the boots you’re talking about round to rectangle

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Most of them are overpriced tho. Just a cover screwed on/over something like this is the same. Just caulk it good, same as the others, gotta buy a cover with anyway. Just an idea though. 8" are usually charged industrial prices.

Not necessarily from this site. But $20 vs $60.
Been looking at ways to get a better dust collection system for my buff jack, coincidence.

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Thank you…

Thanks Budz…

Unless you meant as floor vents. In assuming external. So many different kinds of vents. Question very vague.
Just a tip. It’s seen as acceptable to go up or down 2inchs near ends. So if you have to you can use an 8 to 6 reducer, which are easy to find. And it’s a lot easier to find converters for 6" than it is 8"

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Here’s my exhaust @Dino1 which is in the crawl space. Bought a register vent 6” diameter X 12” and placed in space on foundation vent.

I see you mentioned carbon filter if you want to exhaust outside you can always install a dryer vent and reduce down from 8 inch to 4inch for exhaust.


Thanks Budz, both vents will be inside the house in the walls, you are right about the 8" transitions being hard to find. I thought about reducing the ends, but i would like to keep it at 8" just to make sure I can keep it cool.

Thanks Woodrow, that’s slick.

Thanks kellydans, I wish I could vent outside but I don’t want to go thru a brick wall.

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Let’s see your setup @Dino1 when ya get it all fixed up

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Will do Woodrow, I will tag you if i can figure out how to do it by then. Very busy with other stuff right now, I hope to get started on it in the next few days.

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Use @ then Woodrow @Woodrow

Just think tho. Reducing each time restricts airflow as do each 90 added. Id try and keep 8 inch the whole go. I had a reducer on mine from 8 to 6 and only a 2 foot piece of 6 inch flex tube and now it is all 8 inch and a huge difference in all. Humidity was getting up to 72% and temps 85. Now with door close and fan on half power i can stay at 75 and 50ish rh so it made a hige difference keeping 8 inch but also i did have it venting into the ling room and did switch that and now exhaust into the crawl space above

I have 6” straight pipe with two 90* bends
Total of 15 feet from room to foundation. Using 6” Hurricane fan and scrubber.

Thanks, that sounds simple enough.

Thanks Mark, that nails it.

Thanks Woodrow

Adjustment to set up.
Hvac coming in. So far tent is stable on temp and RH. 70/60 at the floor. 72/55 at canopy

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