How have we grown with our grows? What has changed about yourself? I know my story. Whats yours


I have a lot to say lets just let some one take its from here. My brain is very fast hard to slow down what i have to say so whats your story. Go!


OMG, I was so…lets say newbie :joy:
After 3(4) grows I can tell you that is changed and almost everything is easy now.


Its learning to wait right patients . plats take time.


I don’t think about time when I’m growing my meds.


I am no longer suffering from HNS…
H hovering
N newbie
S syndrome
just look at her or them and be like , nah yall good and walk out.
The first one was outside in shed 2 acres away, no telling how many miles I walked checking in on that Lil huzzy. :joy:
Also I don’t freak out if I see a Lil spot .
I’m calmer and more confident in my approach.
I could go on…


Well said @Nug-bug
@Soilgrowth @M4ur
I also dont spend much time with my plants
Just do my maintenance and what not
a quick check over and im off to other things
I still appreciate the beautiful plants and the meds we obtain from them
But most of all ive learned they grow them selves if you just point them in the right direction
Happy growing peeps


HNS----I love it!

I’m like @M4ur: it’s all gotten SMOOTH, you know?

My favorite time is harvest though.


I’m at that point where all I do is water my plants every two to 2 1/2 days and I can see each time how much they have grown. You really don’t see that when your with them all the time. and the smell in the grow room is like walking into someone’s house after they just cooked a batch of chocolate chip cookies

Will smileys-drinking-beer


This is my first for a lot of things
First grow, trim, cure and I would have been completely lost with out the kind folks here and the awesome genetics provided by ILGM (Blueberry auto/Northern Lights auto.) Feels good to have had success and good medication from my first time growing!! Again no credit to myself great patient direction and great seeds! I am psyched about the upcoming outdoor season to my second grow some photo fems (ILGM Platinum mix)


Yeah, you’ll like the fems: you can grow some big stuff!