How has Marijuana helped you in your life?


With crowds, is because when I was deployed I had to be in the mix with large crowds of locals. In a large crowd, you can’t see the threat coming, it’s hard to have an exit route with a large crowd and anyone could be a potential target or threat. That’s why I don’t like them. On any given day I was around anywhere from 500 to 600 locals a day everyday.



And while you were in that crowd…
I was the one on a rooftop 800-1000 yds away with my partner and my 338 Lapua Mag. watching for those threats FOR you.

I had your back brother… you just didn’t know it!!!


Haha, appreciate it brother.


I ruptured a disc @ 11 yrs ago ( L5/S1) and had the surgery to clean up the material that spilled out of it. My surgeon said this was only a temporary measure to relieve pain and the disc will eventually deteriorate further. I take 200-800 mg ibuprofen daily and I can say for certain that smoking a little is WAY better than ibuprofen alone. Can’t say for certain if the effect is true pain relief or just a pleasant distraction.


Always felt better knowing that big brother was watching from above !


I get the same effect from my time in prison. I don’t compare the threat level, I know it wasn’t as bad as a town full of enemy combatants waiting for the chance to kill me. Still, we get in the same hostile environment mindset.

I used to love going to concerts and other large events, but not anymore. More than 10 people at a time is too stressful for me to enjoy myself now.

Smoking helps, but it’s hard to overcome the state of being on constant alert for any signs of trouble…


I feel you brother, after I got out, I went to work at a prison. It’s a while different thing. I saw some crazy s#!+, I watched a guys face melt off and some other stuff. I quit, because I had flashbacks and day night mares and things like that.


Yeah, it’s another world in there. Cut throats, kidneys shanked, boiling oil and the ever popular kicking a MF to sleep!

I was released under a compound lock down due to a riot erupting that morning. It was unreal watching the violence spread as it did. You could see as it evolved into chaos.

You just never know when or where a threat will present itself…


Yeah, I’ve been spit on, kicked, almost speared, long funny story, I’ve taken many people to the ground and have started a lot of people. I didn’t take their stuff. They tried to put their bluff in on me and I pushed right back. Most, some didn’t haha
I respected them and gave them respect, until late they gave me a reason to take it away, well then the fun usually begins…


Respect. The lack of it is one of the hardest things about getting out. It’s a way of life in there. Not so much out here.

Disrespect is dealt with quickly behind the fence. If you do that out here, you find yourself behind the fence again. It’s a very hard adjustment. I couldn’t have stayed out if it wasn’t for my wife. Smoking helps, but I give the credit to her being in my life.


A good woman is hard to find ! If you got one, don’t let her go. Been married for 36 years ! She hated cannabis at first then realized I am a lot calmer when I medicate 1-2 times a day. She says nothing about my crop now.


Well, I was not introduced to pot until I was 25 and had a child. When my kids were small, smoking pot made me a better mother. If I didn’t have pot, I got all “type A personality” and stressed constantly about “everything I had to do” around the house, and I got really upset about not getting my daily task list accomplished. But after taking a couple hits on the pipe or bong, I was content to sit on the floor and play cars with my little boys. To hell with the dishes and the cleaning, lol.

Now, I’m really growing for the hubby, who has a lumbar fusion and is in constant pain. He’s been on pharmaceutical narcotics for several years, and he is quite tired of it. He takes just the minimum required to function at work, but it doesn’t do enough for the pain. If he takes enough to get the pain level down to 2 or 3, he can’t function-- or be out in public. Now, though he can’t smoke during the workdays, the effects of the herb in the evening extend even to the daytime, and though he still uses pharmaceuticals in the day time, he has cut his amount in half.

For me, it is mostly recreational, but I’m doing a health experiment: I am at very high risk for colon cancer (I will have had my third scope before I even turn 50 years old!). I’m curious to see if I have fewer/smaller polyps at my next colonoscopy. In addition, my intraocular pressures are higher than normal, and the optometrist was quite concerned. I’m curious to see if my pressures are down next time I go in to have my eyes checked.


Oh, and our alcohol consumption has gone WAY down too. We used to drink way too much booze, and spent way too much money on booze. Not anymore! And once we start harvesting our own herb, we will start saving a lot of vice money for something much better.


Well I just want to thank anybody who has served in the military for our country. Thank you guys, for everything you’ve done, I appreciate every little bit of it.

And for you guys with the crowd problem, I really wish I could help out some how. Some of my most memorable and best days were when I was in crowds of thousands of people! I love people, because we all have something to offer to one another, if we only take the time to connect. I’m a young guy though, so I’m sure my outlook on this may change over time. I still love to look for the best in everyone, unless I get the bad vibe indicator.



I try to as well, but it’s very difficult. Now the bud helps, I can go to concerts and out in public, but when I don’t have it I stay away from everything. I hate being this way, but it is what it is. The bud helps, so I’ll never stop smoking haha
I also want to thank all of my brothers and sisters in arms that stood up to fight for our country.
I’m fairly young as well ktreez, haha. I’ll be 25 in March.


I completely get it too, I know why you guys feel the way you do, well not with the PTSD. I just wish I could help is all! I just turned 27 @Hawkeye_diesel! And I completely relate when you say that you stay away from people when you don’t have bud. I can tell when I’m getting overly frustrated and need to smoke. I smoke all day, before work, after work, even during work. Not that I’m a mean guy when I’m not high, but when I’m high, I’m the nicest guy around, smiling constantly. They used to call me, All teeth Keith, because I was always smiling lol



Well it actually saved my wife’s life , which is crazy to say , but it’s true , it’s a really long story and it was about a year worth of hell but I still have her and she’s doing really good and I owe a lot of it to the marijuana… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


I like to think of it and a plant for everything and helps with quite I bit of illness and things like that. It’s crazy that something that helps so many people is illegal in some places…


Oh, and I might add.
I cured skin cancer with the stuff!
I had 3 sores the size of a dime on my back, that the doctors wanted to remove.
I made my own oil out of 3 ounces of high THC bud.
It was actually Trainwreck that I made it out of.
Took one gram (1ml) orally everynight before bed, and rubbed the oil on the actual sores.
I had to take it before going to bed, otherwise this stuff was so strong, I was stoned out of my mind all day.
Talk about couchlock, and drooling all over yourself.
It did make me spend a lot of time sleeping though.

I watched the sores slowly disappear, and in two months they were totally gone.
My doctor wanted to know what was going on…
I never told him!


MMMMmmm. That sounds like something I need to look into. I can’t sleep worth anything and only get 3-4 hours a night if I am lucky. Would almost kill for a complete night’s sleep. It might help the problem with my trachea also.