How good are these

Would like to know if this will br any good. Either in a 1.2x1.2 or smaller but mainly 1.2x1.2 thanks.

I wouldn’t trust it. The seller makes claims that are just not true.

They claim is is a 6000 watt LED, as power consumption is cited as 390 watts.

The claimed efficacy is 2.7, but the diodes are Sanan 2235 chips. Samsung LM301h diodes on better products have a 3.1 efficacy. The 2235 diodes are an older generation and I doubt they are even 2.7.

I would expect efficacy to be much lower than cited given that they claim 390 watts power draw. They cite the max PPF of the light at 930 umol. PPF for a 390 watt LED should be much higher. A PPF of 480 at 20 inches is very low for a 390 watt LED.

I would look for a product that is built with Samsung LM301 series diodes.


thanks mate thought as much. Same price i got the phlizon 2022 for £130 and in my .7x.7 its produced my best yet. Used mills nutes with canna base. Im so happy. Checked out pick at 5 1/2 week in bud porn section. Just gone on. Its a clone thats surpassed her mom two fold. And two week fkush before cure. Still learning too but i love it. Made for 3x3 i tink
Dims are about 0.5x0.3
Amazed , scrog too tho took net off fir pic and to finish. Another necessity is a net. Made a lit if difference

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