How fast do they turn?


So I am at about week 8 (first grow, didn’t keep the best notes) of flowering for my Blueberry Auto. The pistils are more orange/brown than white. When looking at the trichomes they’re may be 1 or 2 Amber scattered in, but the majority are milky. When I say one or two scattered in, I would say like .0001% are amber.

My question is should I check my plants everyday? Can they turn amber that quickly?


When I got that far, I did check more frequently. I would suggest every other day, until your satisfied with the amount of amber. @dmykins


I would say that if you aren’t on a straight water regime now, that it’s time to be. Also, take several samples.


I would every few days



I am just watering with straight water… what do you mean by take samples?


Harvest a small bud now with 100% milky. Harvest another bud at say 20% amber, then at 40%, and so on. This way you can smoke them all side by side and figure out your preference.


Don’t rely on one sample from one bud site. Take 3 or 4 samples from around the plant and look at all of them before deciding to make the chop.



I was hoping you meant to try a little bit and decide lol :grinning:


If I take off from different spots to try it… is there any rule of thumb? Like take from the top or bottom?


All in the name of science lol…



Say some bud was to fall of early in the name of science…can I smoke it right away or does it still need to be dried?


You can definitely smoke the samples once they’ve dried. They may not taste great or be smooth, but you’ll get the idea of how they’ll medicate.

The idea of taking samples from different areas is because the plants don’t develop symmetrically. Take a sample, look at it with whatever magnification you’re using, then let it dry and enjoy!


@dmykins we used to dry it on the stove top on a saucepan boiling an a plate covering the top an place it on the plate for 10-15 mins,dries nicely an alot better than the microwave for a little tastey taste lol… :slight_smile: