How far to keep light away from plant

I have a Mars hydro 192 and am wondering how far from the plants I should keep the light . They just sprouted yesterday and I kicked the light on. Currently the light is about 36" away from plants .

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Recommended distance for LEDs during veg growth is anywhere from 18"-24".

For sprouts, you’ll want it close enough to keep plants from stretching but not too close that it causes problems. Somebody like @iva or @hillcrest21678 could give you a better answer though! They use LEDs, I use HIDs.

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If its the 5w chip-set 45cm-65cm Flower 65cm-85cm Veg

17"-25" flower 25"-33" Veg

This is only a ruff guide you can get closer and some times need to be further away
depends on the plant


How will I know if the plant is getting to much light or not enough?

There’s not really such as thing as, too much light. But, your lights TOO CLOSE will cause light burn and stress the plant.

When the light is too far away, the plants will stretch for the light. You have to find the perfect meeting point.

And also if In flower light to close can burn or bleach buds and diminish harvest so always good to have lights in a spot they can be raised quite a bit

I have a really strong LED light panel and for seedlings just sprouting I put my Advance XTE 200’s which I have 2 of them side by side at about 24 inches only on the blue light switch for vegging only for 2 weeks , than I move them after 2 weeks to 20 inches away for about a week , than 18 inches and once the plant produces signature fan leaves and start growing internodes into the topping age around the fifth or six node I move my lights to right at 12-14 inches and I leave them there which is the sweet spot for my specific lights , but each light comes with a manufacturer requirement of light height I believe are you can used the back of the hand method , or start at 26 inches and move closer each day until you notice a significant growth in your plant and measure that distance and that is where you would want your light at cause the plant will thrive In the right height distance , but if the heat from the light is to warm for the back of your hand than its to warm for your plants foliage . Hope this helps !!!

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But with leds it probably make a wee more sence to watch and observe with leds rather than the back of the hand method, simply because hid lights are alot hotter than leds and led lights run with more intense light make sence

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The hand method can still be utilized with LED lights cause the name brand panels do carry slight heat just not as much as HID lights , but I’ve seen more bud bleaching with LED lights than hid lights cause of distant from plants .