How far off Harvest?

Just wondering how far off harvest? The top of the plant most of the pistols are brown, however down lower camouflage with less light they are still white…
Thoughts much appreciated

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You’re going to need to get a jeweler’s loupe or usb microscope to view your trichomes. How long has it been in flower?


Yeah I use buds in the middle of the plant and most of the pistols also are brown so tricomes I could see in picture 2 I don’t see much amber kinda look cloudy but you are better able to see all over. Personally I like about 10 amber lol. Looks good man

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Yes I have just downloaded an app, was thinking I needed something better!
Been in flower about 4 weeks

My first grow, so many ups and downs along the journey!
You look for 10 buds to turn amber?

I agree with getting some sort of magnification device and checking condition of trichomes. You’re looking at buds specifically, not the sugar leaves. I like all cloudy with maybe 10-20% amber if possible.

You can harvest selectively if need be, as in take the tops that are finished and leave lowers to mature more. For right now, you may consider removing a few of the upper fan leaves. That should get some light to lower buds and help them along.


Hey @dbrn32 I got a similar issue I am almost ready to harvest and all as a sudden the lower just exploded with thick bud growth. I know the new buds aren’t going to be mature. My question is if I harvest over time should I continue the nutrients because I was going to just use plain water the last couple weeks but this massive new growth is throwing a wrench in my plans

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I don’t really believe in needing to go to water only for that long. Maybe a couple of straight waterings before harvest, but that’s usually plenty if you haven’t been over feeding. Keep from giving tok much nitrogen though for sure. Maybe even you give a few straight waterings then harvest tops and go back with a feeding or two? I would just play it as you go.

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I like to run water only and monitor runoff until I hit my personal metric for harvest window: in soil that’s less than 300 ppm and soilless and hydro are under 100 ppm.

If you really blasted your plants it will take longer but this gets fairly consistent results.


Some pics from a maginify app. I have a jewlers loupe coming mid next week.

Any thoughts on these pics?