How far into flower is this? When should I start bloom?

Before and after picture as well.
thanks to your guys help in here I have helped make them perk back up. Now I wanna make sure too keep them happy and know these questions:

when I should start to add more flowering fertilizer?

what is a good Fertilizer?

P.s. any other great advice is also a predicted I’m excited for my first grow and just want all to go well.

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A good grow store will have a wide selection of quality nutes and bloom accelerators.

Please be aware that following mfg’s feeding schedules will not end well. They have no idea what you are growing. Start low and go slow. Most bloom accelerators are only used a few times during flowering. You can always add a little more. Too much one time and it’s a total loss.
Also…remember to flush with plain PH’d water the last 10 days or so to remove the horrible tasting nutes from the buds.
Hope your Ladies make you proud. They look great.

What are mfgs and what schedule… sorry I just don’t know what your really talking about. Lol maybe in Laymans term. :laughing: just a lil slow over here haha

nutes…= nutrients
mfg’s schedule = manufacturers provide feeding schedules. Hard copy and online…good way to lose a crop.

mfg’s include a feeding schedule. I followed them until the 4th crop that got burned to a crisp. Then I finally realized it was time to read the plants and not the mfg’s schedule.

Strongly suggest you access the Free Grow Book on this site and download it. Lots of good information to learn there.

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Start at 20% of mfg’s schedule…watch the leaves. They will show good and bad quickly.


how far into flower you think they are?

How do I know if I added too much or not enough?

Just barely started flowering. too much…leaves wrinkle, curl, turn crispy brown

good idea to download Free Grow Book here…read n learn

When did you plant them? What strains are they? You should be able to tell us how long they’ve been in bloom, then we can give you better advice.

Idk. Lol. They are. big bud. Chacolope. GDP. Bubba. Amnesia haze. Pure indica. But I made a rookie move and mixed all the seeds and I don’t know which is which and maybe 2 weeks idk