How far from the plants should the lights be?

Hi, just checking. i have my 600w hps lights about 2 feet above the top of my 4 week old plants (from seeds). My research is giving me different opinions about the distance from the top of the plant. I have 13 young plants under 2 600w lights.

Also I was wondering when I had to start thinking about removing low down leaves, and topping or cropping. Should I just leave them alone for now or should I start thinking about maximizing the yield.

Cheers all

With that many plants just let them go on this run. Next run only do 6 and you super crop. I bet you will get near the same weight. But for you to maintain all 13 with cropping would take a toll on you. If you top only youbwill have a bigger yeild. And i keep my plants if light is not on a light track wich will move the light. Thats another topic. About 2 feet away at first. Then about 18 inches. Plants grow up fast in the beginning. If not auto.

Here is the simplest way to set your distance with any HID light hold the back of your hand towards the light slowly raise it until it is comfortably warm and you can hold it there for prolonged time this differs with 2 factors foot print you want from light and type of shades used. If you can get your plants closer to the lights do it will reduce stretch and keep node spacing tighter @Soilgrowth is right depending on shade vented or not and foot print as well as goal 18" is a safe distance.

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Thanks guys, thats really helpful

Your distance is fine. Send in pic’s would be very helpful


Pics Ive taken for another post. Hope it helps (ive put the other lights on and raised them a little, Im just trying to get things to work.


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