How far do you break down buds?

I love seeing everyones baseball bat colas but how long do you leave them like that after the photo? When you have some big fat colas how far do you break then down for curing? Do you jar a 4,5,6" nug or do you follow the stem and trim all the individual buds of?

Use the example below. Toss it in a grove bag? Or cut that stem out and take each individual bud site off?


Or this one?


Its just up to you. There is no positive or negative effect for either.
I personally just pop the buds off the main stem until the last top breaks off completely.
If you want to get all the bigger stems out to make grinding easier later then do that.
There is no right or wrong for this question.


I snip all the smaller buds and leave the 4-5" tops intact and bag those separately. They get the longest cure. Just my thing. Nothing really practical.


Great question @JTinNY been wondering the same. I’m just not close to that yet. This really is the best site!


I pop them off the stems, and run them through my bowl trimmer.

My gorilla glue I just harvested.


The first bud I would probably toss in the GB, the second I would trim down to about 1 inch or so. Reasons are just for the looks, I like to show off fat, pretty buds sometimes. :smiling_face:

True up to a point.
I just broke down 2 very large, fat colas about 1/2 ounce each to put into a Grove Bag. The top inch or so of one of them had some grey, fuzzy mold hidden deep, right at the stem. I would not have seen that if I did not break the bud down and it would have infected the entire bag during the cure.


I leave small tips like that whole (3" or so) the rest i brake down to individual nugs for curing.

Appreciate the input, some good points made. After hours of trimming, I ended up with 3 grove bags (just over an oz each); one with bigger nugs as pictured, one with “normal” size (around 1") and another with smaller popcorn buds.

I did notice that they were not dried evenly sp Im gonna let them even out a little bit inside the bags then check RH and burp if needed- I know the GB are supposed to maintain RH at 58-60 but Im not convinced they vent excess moisture.

I try to get rid of all the sticks in-between them so I’d same down to dime sized for me.

There is that for sure. Good point.

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Comes down to personal preference i normally take all buds of stems but sometimes i leave the big buds

I pull all the buds off during trim. Everything below the big main flowers goes to edibles anyway. If a big trophy it goes in my long cure bag.

I agree and prefer your method :wink:

Last year I used all glass jars for cure n storage, so I broke em all down. This year I’m trying grow bags, so leaving the big fat long colas, because I’m shallow, and they’re impressive. But I should probably break em down to make sure there are no Mcnastys inside.