How far behind am I?

Hi all! I’m a new grower of cannabis, but not new to gardening.
I’m concerned that my outdoor grown autos are not at the growth stage I’m expecting them to be. These loves popped up on May 22nd after water germination of a couple days. They are growing outdoors in an store boug

Aht organic soil mix amended with my own worm castings and pulverized egg shells. Once they sprouted their second set of true leaves, I fertilized with a 4-4-4 and plan do so ever week. Watered with well water that is less that 7ph and rain water ever other time.

Just doesn’t look right to me. Please let me thoughts!
Happy growing eveyone!


Welcome @Daydreamersgarden
She’s beautiful. Often when planted straight into “forever home” autos will seem to pause when in fact they are growing underground. Once she has established a good root system it will shock you with growth. Patience is the hardest skill to master.


Beautifully stated. She’s getting those legs under her. She’ll explode shortly


Thank you so much! I’m happy to hear your words of encouragement and that might be a “that’s what she said” statement :joy:

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Very true, unfortunately patience has never been my virtue and especially more when I’m working with such a time-sensitive plant. Thanks for the reminder of works happened that I’m unable to see!


I’m no expert either and quite the novice at this endeavor but have read a LOT and from the very posters in reply to yours. As they said if it TRULY IS an AF’ing strain it is probably getting it’s root system the way it wants to BURST into upward and outward growth with a base that can support it’s plan to be the biggest and baddest out there on the planet :wink: Did you PURCHASE an AF strain of beans? MINE, were bag beans and although the friend was correct about being feminized it appears so far, he was WRONG about them being AF strain as mine were put in soil 01 May after germinating and are now 40 days old and would CERTAINLY have begun flowering but are JUST starting to skyrocket upward and outward with new growth :wink: Whatever you end up having planted, you have certainly come to the right place inquiring advice as you will find the folks who answer, and the already answered threads and grow journals here are a WEALTH of knowledge to MAKE you successful in this rewarding hobby :slight_smile: Best of results to you and keep us posted with your progress as I enjoy watching others reaping the fruits of their labors as well :wink:


Just went through the same and trust what is said above….

I’m growing a Gelato auto.

Mine broke soil May 1.

First pic below is June 1. So took a full month from breaking ground to that point. Second pic is June 9th……



One hell of a week. Hang on for the next month…LOL


No doubt. I’ve got a journal going with progress pics and things I’ve learned / adjusted if interested.


Cool beans. I just started one myself. I will check yours out. :mag_right:
Rush Fan huh?
Me too. :+1:t2:


Hi. Yes, I purchased my AF seeds from ILGM. I don’t know if I could take the disappointment of trying to grow a bag seed only for them to turn into males😂
I’m glad it worked out for you and now you’ll have a much larger harvest.
You are very right, this is a great community of great minds! I look forward to learning more and being helpful to others.
I’ll post an update in another week or so.
Thanks and happy growing!


Wow that’s incredible growth! Thanks for sharing, definitely puts my concerns aside.


9 days…BOOM

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The one thing I would check (if you haven’t already) is the ph AFTER you’ve added in your nutrients. Nutrients usually lower the ph, so if you’re starting out at 6.8-7.0, it may be lowering it to far, which you’ll need to adjust up.