How far am I till harvest?


I am on day 90 of a bubblegum auto and wondering why it would be taking so long, also how much of bud production will increase by harvest this is my first grow any advise or recommend anything for my next grow,




The pistols haven’t even begun to turn brown so I suspect you still have several weeks they should gain more size yet


Thanks I was just suprised why it took forever for my auto to be on day 90 when should have been done by day 60 thanks for the help


lights make a huge difference mainly it depends on when they went into flower to me they look like they’ve been in flower for around 3-4 weeks they start flower when they start forming hairs then the timer starts. That also would be when I would say 60 days should begin I grow fem and reg so my count doesn’t start until after stretch has ended.


Yeah it has been three weeks since the pistils came out, could the nutrient burn stunt the growth and push the harvest further from not feeding and flushing her on time, thanks again for the help thru out my whole grow man @Donaldj


anything that damages plants slows growth so nutrient burn will either make them take a bit longer or reduce yield


Yeah that’s probably why it’s taking longer to harvest since I flushed it right when it started the nutrient burn


When 80% of the pistal’s are amber/brown. Know that"auto’s" generally don’t harvest at breeder times and take extra time (2 weeks more) not counting the Pre-flower stage - on auto’s it’s generally 1 week. Looks like you are going to have a good harvest


True how could you tell of a good harvest I kinda felt it would not produce enough as it could,


It’s the bud to leaf ratio of a plant - but there are many factor that are included/necessary for high yields (use fo bloom booster in early, middle, and late flower , ect. I’m sure your harvest will be good - Remember the next grow is all ways better than the last -yields included !!!


What do you mean bud to leaf ratio, I have flowering nutes but idk if it’s bloom Booster I have nutrients that are 1-7-6 is that okay


That is how to measure the yields of - # of buds per branch, there are nutrients out there just for increasing that rato and is used in the pre-flower stage and 1 week of flowering Has nothing do with N-P-K of your nutrient’s. Bloom booster you have will work beat in weeks 2-4 of flower ( early and middle flower stages higher "P’ than “K” then for late flower (weeks 5-7) higher “K” amounts than “P”. what you have will work OK and shooud give you good yields


True do you know what brand I have a store I can tell them to order for me, I have this nutes and is working well but my next plant I wanna be ready it’s working well so I just would like suggestions, my store has fox farms big bloom but what else could I ask from them to order???


Sure fox farms is good - but - Advanced Nutrients is very good - they offer a 250 ml bottle/jug for about $10.00 in most of their brands (bud candy, factor-X, rinhio (sorry misspelled) skin, bud ingantor, carb load, ect) before some of these cost $30.00 + Now one can try and not cost a arm and a leg. If interested can tell were to get. This site might have some nutrients that you may need.


Thanks man thanks for the help


Also Advanced Nutrients offer ph perfect nutrients - never check “PH” again


I have used that product line and unless running RO water or distilled even at recommended dose they are not perfect I still had to adjust ph it all depends on what is present in your water some things buffer and resist ph change. A good product but still need to watch ph when using


What nutrients do you prefer


I use General Hydro Flora series but just saying no matter what you use you’ll always need to adjust and know ph. I have no aversion to AN or Fox farms