How Far Along in Flowering is This?

It’s my first year growing and my plants started flowering on their own. They are outside. I can’t tell how long they’ve been in flower. Can someone please help me determine at what stage they are?

You have no idea when they said started showing buds? No idea at all?

Went on a trip last couple of weeks. So they had to have started somewhere in that time period. It would help to narrow it down.

You are in preflower, you still have probably a week or 2 before full blown flower.


Are they still growing new leaves and stems at this point? Should I be using flowering nutrients?

I wouldn’t start bloom nutrients yet rather wate until you see the stretch slow and you will start to get clusters of pistols then start flowering nuts

Yes you should actually be starting bloom nutrients and start wheeing them off veg nutrients this should be sone at first signs of flowering
I will start feeding flower nutrients as soon as i see the first pistols :+1::wink:


Thanks for correction I just don’t see any defenative clusters that’s why I recommended veg nutrients another week or so and have read that stopping veg nutrients limits stretch?

Thats why he said begin wheening off. Reduce slowly thru the first 4-5 weeks of flowers. I believe