How effective are the exhale bags?

. I have been using setups like this with baking soda and vinegar, you probably already knew about that. What a pain. In a 5’10" square room how effective would a co2 bag be. My local store says they are made to order and I’d have to go back to pick it up. I have a shelf for it just under the air intake for the room.

As long as they aren’t in flower I don’t see what it would hurt but you don’t want to much in there, because if I’m not mistaken, Co2 depletes oxygen within the grow room

Is co2 bad for budding ?

Plants will naturally produce co2 themselves in flower so adding co2 is a bad idea in flower, so yea you can say co2 is bad for them in flower or when trying to push them in flower if produced by us, the plants will put off a sustainable amount, and sufficient enough for what they will need to where it doesn’t deplete oxygen

Huh, now that is a whole new animal for me. Well, makes total sense if only the leaves use co2. So you must be talking about making sure I don’t deprive the roots of oxygen they need ?

Not the roots the plants than self it will deplete oxygen in the air we breathe which makes it harder for plants to breath and practically suffocates them

I thought plants use co2 and expell oxygen. Am I confused ?

No deplete and expell mean the same thing, I think your understanding it

Do you mean the plant inhales oxygen and exhales co2.

Other way around plants inhale co2 and exhale oxygen

Oh that’s what I thought. I guess I got confused on what you were trying to tell me. I’m a little slow sometimes.

It’s ok I’m a patient person, and I’m a little slow some times to no biggie

So , just so I understand. Would you suggest that I have no co2 supplement? In the room at all or just during flower.

Honestly I wouldn’t put any in there

Why would the pros use it ?

I don’t use it and mine look fine, i guess depends on the person @Donaldj, @garrigan62, @pigSquishy, what do you guys think…

I for one never heard of the exhale bags. But I just did a quick search and it came up with nothing but great reviews just got to wait bout 3 or 4 day for it to work…
Witch it does.
Hell now I’m thinking of getting a couple…lol


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Thanks for your input greatly appreciated I’m hung over like a son of a bitch lol can’t think straight, well I can but not straight enough lol, again thank you buddy

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Hey pig squishy. My garden is small. 5’10" by 5’10", just under six foot square. During last summer I left a window open. Fresh air for intake and they did Awsome. Over the winter, no outside air and it was a struggle. Other things went wrong so lack of co2 may not have played a roll. I’m going to read the rest of your post now. Thanks for your time.

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