How easy is it with hydro vs coco coir?

Hi guys and gals

My question is, what do you recommend for a first time grower - a DIY hydro system or coco coir with a drip system?

Hydro sounds a little difficult with the whole water temperature stuff, but coco has its own problems to…

I live in a cold climate (most of the year) so I imagine il be heating the tent pretty much constantly (planning to have a thermostat on a fan heater)

So to conclude - what’s the easiest and most forgiving, and what should I be taking into account when choosing?

Last but not least… if I where to use coco, what size pots would I use initially? 3" then transplant to? and so forth

thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t recommend either, I’d recommend you get a bag of a good potting soil and use that
-best of luck!


I’m on my first grow ever and went with hydro dcw and an ebb and flow I’d have to say the dwc has done very well for me and the ones I have made myself from stuff from home Depot has worked better than the big dollar systems I’d payed for but there were a few times I wished I’d have started with soil lol I haven’t done anything Coco but I hear good stuff


I live in cold and temps are rarely an issue looking at -30c coming and grew just fine last year in even colder using all 3 hydro soil and coco lmao my lights gave me more than enough heat.
Coco is hydro light more forgiving but many of the bonuses it holds moisture so can be watered like soil growth rates are close to hydro without the res changes.
If you are curious I mother in soil clone in a bubbler and last year was testing coco but will be growing DWC for simple waste disposal discretion. My current system is 3 light rotation 1 veg/mother and 2 flower flip flop. Will be running 8 plants 12"-18" 20gal diy bubbler SOG single kola’s in 2’x3’ space per flower room expect 6-8oz per light per month

how many watt are you using? I’m hoping my one 600w hps will do the job of heating, it is a 2 x 2 x 2m tent, so I got a heater and a dehumidifier to be safe.
Is hydro really that much quicker than soil if its given all the love it needs?
I think il start with soil and go from there, soil, then try coco and hydro on my second grow after I’ve got my head around all the other bits and bobs.

I was running a 600w in my 5’x5’x7’ tent 1000w in a 11’x8’ room on a light mover my temps were consistant 68 night 78 day in room in my tent 68 night mid 80’s day and running vented shade. This was in a 20x11 room I recycled heat from light to room which stayed around 72 and only dipped at night a few degrees

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