How early is too early to start trimming

Can anyone point me in the right direction on my last grow I had way too much canopy it was blocking all my light and I was too scared to trim since it was my first actual successful grow here’s the ladies transplanted a week ago from solo cups do i need to start trimming and training now or wait


Hola Growmie, are you planning on topping or just LST, and way to soon for defoliation. :love_you_gesture:


Nice healthy looking plants , I see a couple of leafs touching soil i would snip only , That’s just me good luck .

I really appreciate everyone making me feel welcome into this great community. I think I just plan on topping is that the same as the scrog method I’m still pretty new to this lol that is what I did on my first grow and it seemed to work pretty good and I would like to learn how to get better at it what would you recommend I haven’t researched much on the lst


I was wondering about the ones touching the soil I really appreciate the info as soon as I get home I’m trimming those first :100::metal:t3::metal:t3: Thanks for the info any advice is much appreciated

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Topping is removing a portion of the main or secondary branches to create more bud sites followed by some LST to tie the side branches down to creat an even canopy to distribute even light across the canopy and bud sites. Photo period or auto plant? This will determine the timing on any HST training :love_you_gesture:

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Look into fimming. I’ve started doing that instead of topping, and I really like the results.

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The two in the front are ILGM feminized photo og kush and the third is ghost og from a batch of store bought weed lol I think is photo as well my last grow I had one and it ended up being a photo so I’m just assuming and I hope it’s a female as well

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I’m most definitely going to look into fimming I’ve only read about it and it seems like something I’d like to learn do you happen to have any pics of the process I’m more of a visual learner lol or can you point me in the right direction all of your info is really appreciated :metal:t3::metal:t3::100:

Plenty of time after topping or a much less abrasive method of fimming as stated by @Dexterado. More tops with a Fimm but a good chance at missing hence the name. Topping stops the apical growth and I select the node to top at by the strain I’m growing. Either method beats typical LST in my opinion. On my autos I shoot for a 4-6 ounce average and these 2 methods get me there, I’ve missed my share of fimming and ended up manipulating and torturing the main to keep it even with the side branches :joy::joy::love_you_gesture:

It’s pretty easy. This visual might help. Here is also my OG kush that I Fimmed.


Oh damn those are some beautiful ladies right there my hats off to you. Yeah I got nowhere near that on my last harvest maybe half that. How was that og kush I have 4 going outdoor and now I’m starting these indoor and I’m freaking excited about it to be honest. I had some grown by an old head and fell in love years ago and never could find it so I said screw it im growing my own. heck the info you gave it doesn’t seem that hard I was making into rocket science and I barely made it out of high school lol how long before you think I can start mine

That pic is today. I think a lot of people over complicate things. I just use ffhf, perlite, and fox farm fruit and flower 4-9-3, and worm castings. Ph water and thats about it. A little bio thrive bloom maybe. I’d wait until they get a little taller before I’d fim. Here’s a plant a week after I Fimmed it, a week after that, and today.

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Dang!!! those are some serious looking buds :100: much respect​:metal:t3::metal:t3: Is the og kush your growing an auto or photo I’ve never used autos before. Do you like the auto more than photo. If you don’t mind me asking what is that other strain you got going there it looks pretty wicked too both of those looks like it’s going to be a damn good time. I plan on using the rest of my ff trio for nutrients since I still have a bunch left and maybe get some of there more advanced goodys to make things better hopefully but plan on stepping my game up with better soil next go around

My OG kush is a photo. I was going to do the auto outside, but it was just to hot here, so I did it inside. I had to flip my light to 12/12 to flower the kush, or the auto might have even been a little better, but it’s turning out ok. I prefer photos. A lot more control over things.

Yeah your right there about the photos I’ve read some wild stories about autos not sure if it’s for me lol I really appreciate the info you givin me I think I’m going to give the fimming a try on this grow I’ll let them go another week and send some pics and see if I can tag you or somehow figure out how it can get your way and bug you some more lol and get your opinion if that’s cool with you thanks

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