How.early can I start LST?

How long.should I wait.before starting LST? Ladies sprouted about 2 and half weeks ago

you can start low stress training as soon as there’s something to train…low stress, you want to direct the top growth in a certain direction?

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Planning on scrogging I want to start training early

scrogging requires high stress training (HST)…topping hurts the plant and that you should hold off on till the plant is growing healthy in the vegetative stage, after the third or fourth set of real leaves which your plants are approaching…I wait till the 6th or 7th set of real leaves then top between the 5th and 6th sets.
after that you can low stress train the shoots out to the side and they in turn could be HST’ed topped again, then the side shoots LST’ed to the sides and the plant spread out and set up in the scrog screen.


Is there a difference between scrog and sog?


scrog = screen of green…a plant is topped and the side branches that normally grow upwards are trained to grow sideways under a net placed approximately 15"-25" above the soil, keeping all the vegetative growth under the screen and allowing the buds to mature above the screen…with a longer vegetative time…one plant with a lot of buds…

sog = sea of green…multiple plants, many times all clones, are grown in smaller pots placed close to each other…instead of topping, the main stem is allowed to grow and side branches may be removed to keep the plants from getting bushy…usually with a short vegetative time…so a bunch of small, quickly grown plants with large buds…


Thanks for explaining that. I kinda thought they were different terms for the same thing. :nerd_face:

Last week I took 3 clones from one of my gals but didn’t really expect them to survive… when they did I realized I wouldn’t have room for all three, I gave one away. Now I think I could have done a (little) sog with them :thinking: Maybe next time!! Two months ago I thought 3 might be too many plants and now here I am planning my next 3 grows :smile: [fully obsessed]


exactly, clones have the best chance at growing the same way so they would be perfect to play with a SOG…and as for “[fully obsessed]”, welcome to I LOVE GROWING MARIJUANA :wink:

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