How durable are Smart Pots?

I’ve had some trouble finding Smart Pots in my area but I did find some landscape fabric on sale and instructions to make my own smart pots online. The fabric was shrink wrapped so I was unable to check it before I bought it but it turns out it’s surprisingly thin and easy to tear. How is that going to work when I have 15 gallons of damp soil in it and I want to pull it out of the closet to clean up? Are Smart Pots made of a different kind of landscape fabric? Are there different kinds of landscape fabric?

I am using one for the 2nd time. I don’t see them wearing out for a long time. Of course I am not kicking it around the year either… :slight_smile:

If you were to pull on the fabric do you think it might rip? Can you see light thru it?

Yes you can rip them but it would take some effort. You can see light but not so much that you could read or even tell what was on the other side. I have seen people on youtube who have used theirs for several grows. Hope this helps.

Thanks that does help. I’m folding my fabric over and making mine 2-ply.

Glad to help. Transplanting mine next weekend. First time with these pots. Pretty excited to see the results. 1 gold leaf and 1 white widow. Good luck on yours.

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The inside later, and outside layer are of 2 different weaves. I would not even think to try and tear these apart; They are nice pots, and do not need the abuse. I found mine on ebay, and I suggest if you try to buy a couple before you make a copy. Up to you, but if that homemade fabric pot comes apart…Whoooo. What a mess. :slight_smile:

That’s the thing is the garden supply stores where I live are piddling so I can’t find any smart pots to look at to compare. I just pulled on a scrap of this landscape fabric and it came apart like nothing. And I’m not freakishly strong. I’m doubling over the fabric and double stitching it with nylon thread but I don’t know. I suppose we’ll see. I’m only germinating right now so it’ll be a while before the moment of truth.

I just repotted a plant into one 2 g smart pot. Before I did; I tested the strength. NO way you can rip this fabric unless you are really really trying to destroy it. Ebay!

I found a grow shop about 30 miles away and bought one. It’s not the same fabric at all. Maybe I’ll use that landscape fabric to plug light holes or something.

I get my fabric pots off ebay from a seller called “growersolutions” Great guy, and great prices on gardening supplies.