How does yield per square meter translate to per plant?


I’m seeing strains listed as yield per square meter… I know there must be a range but is there a ballpark on ‘plant per square meter’?
I’m trying to select seeds to purchase… I’ve always been challenged in the decision making abilities so I’m loving the filters. Yield isn’t my main concern but I am wondering how to compare them. I also understand I won’t necessarily reach the yield listed, being a newbie. :wink:
I’m growing in a 4x4x6 tent with 1000w HPS in coco


Are you asking how many plants you can grow in that size tent? @GreenThunder


Think he’s looking for yield per plant. If there’s such a thing plz let me know


That would be good info too. But what I’m wondering is how to determine ‘yield per plant’ based on ‘yield per sq meter.’ I realise it depends on many factors but is there an approximate? Like one plant is 1/3 square meter or something like that. :thinking:


There really isn’t a way to do that. Seeds that come from a plant can have very different genetic traits. Especially for hybrids.
Additionally photoperiod plants have a variable veg stage until they get 12 hours of darkness. You can veg a photo for 6 months and one plant can fill an entire 4x4 tent.

Also the amount of light and nutrients can play a role in yield.

Check around the forum. There are plenty of guys pulling down decent yields. I grow for personal use a couple of plants still a time. I like a nice yield but I don’t stress over it.


The other way to look at it is this. Indicas generally get fat / bushy. Sativa’s get taller. Hybrids can be all different sizes your yield can only be as big as your tent and lights.

I just don’t think it is possible to calculate what you are asking.


I run a 3x3 tent. I am running a small scrog of 1.5 feet x 3 feet on a gold leaf. In the front of my tent I have three autos growing. One will be harvested tomorrow and the other two are only slightly over a week old. I expect to harvest an ounce off each auto and 4 ounces off my gold leaf but those are goals based on past experience not a real calculation.


That’s kinda what I thought.
Thank you :sunglasses:


@bob31 is right it’s based off of the fact if you can take one plant in vegetative time to fill a 8 x 8 tent or a 4 x 4 tent initially you’re going to yield that much product …that is the purpose for the scrog is because you fill the whole screen there for covering your whole area …you can do that with one plant or 20 plants it doesn’t really matter based off of your area is how you will base your yield and then factor in how good you are at growing , how well you are at reading your plants and knowing what they want and that’s going to give you the other half of your yield …so there’s a lot of things to think about when trying to calculate these numbers …also you have to factor in your lighting as well…
Like @bob31 said , there is no real formula… it’s all just a guestamation on what you will yeild… after a few years at this you will have a better idea of things that you can expect from each grow or strain… :wink:

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Amen @peachfuzz :+1: :ok_hand: :innocent::grinning:


@peachfuzz and @bob31 coming through with better explanations of this than I’ve seen in a while.

The breeders know there are too many variables to give a yield per plant. So they give it in area, and within reason it doesn’t usually matter how you get to that square meter of plants. 1 plant, 2 plants, or 9 plants. Less plants means longer veg time and more yield per plant. More plants mean shorter veg time and lower yield per plant. But either way should have potential to produce roughly the same amount.

That being said, breeders estimates can be a little difficult to reach for new to average growers. I don’t want to say they lie, but you would probably have to have your $hit together to attain high end estimate. In your case, with a high yielding strain, you should be looking to be in the neighborhood of between 500-1000 grams for a full 4x4. Not the a gram per watt is the norm, but is attainable with a solid grow and the right strain.


Thank you all very much for answering in a way I can understand (and not making it seem like a silly question) :sunglasses: I didn’t get why it is stated the way it is but now I do. Also, I feel like I’m realistic about the variables, mostly that I am a new beginner. :wink:
It’s not uncommon that I over-think things and make them more confusing than necessary :confused:


This is probably the most important aspect of growing…
Take it easy and do not overthink stuff…

I said once here that the best thing for plant to happen is that the grower is so busy that has no time to attend the plant more than once a day…:wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink:


That’s great advice!! My mom always had faith that I would eventually learn to be patient :sweat_smile::grin::wink:


Lol , I never learned patience really, but good medicine sure helps…:joy::joy::joy:


By the way, in your 4 x 4 tent you probably should start with a minimum of 4 plants. Then veg them until they fill a SCROG screen about 24 inches above the pots. It would be faster if you can grow more plants: Less vegging to fill smaller screen areas. You could actually get 16 plants in there. Might depend on laws in your state, some of which permit 6 flowering plants.

But 4 or 16, you would get a maximum of the stated yield per square meter if you do everything right and have some luck.


I have 4 that are a month old and they will move into the tent soon. 2 each sativa dominant and indica dominant. One is a fem auto my sis bought and gave me, Bubba Kush. The other 3 are bag seeds; one is Sour Diesel the other 2 are unknown.


16 plants in a 4x4 isn’t very ambitious if you’re going that route. Here are 16 in a 2x2


Legally, we’re limited to 12 plants total (6 for each adult) regardless of the state of the plants (seedling, veg, flower) I think we’ll stick with 4 in the tent and 4 veg in the closet… get a cycle going :sunglasses:


You’re setting yourself up for a tricky situation. Those sativa dominant will likely stretch out more than the indica, and likely have different flowering times as well.

Not the end of the world, but you should probably be prepared for it.