How does this work?


Was curious about trying a hydro grow and saw this for 200$ It’s a hydrofarm aqua grow flow system. Never grown hydro before and don’t really understand how it works. Can anyone point me to a video or article for info?


try the GUIDES above.


I looked . Maybe I’m missing them . Are they on the home page?


I couldn’t find anything on that specific system, but here’s one very similar.

Dude in this video is growing peppers, not cannabis, but same process. Maybe slightly different pH and strength of the nutrient solution.


click the magnifying glass and type ‘Hydro’ into the search box…


I grow with the same system. I would pick it up for $200 just the controller goes for $280 new. Here’s my current grow at day 15 since putting them into the system.


So it pumps water into the buckets does it pump it back out?


I’m intrigued by the lack of an air stone. @ntmaremach does this lend itself to bigger plants or more plants smaller?


The reservoir I have is a 55 gal. Hydrofarm plastic barrel. There’s a pump inside the barrel to pump from the barrel into the controller pot. From there it’s gravity feed to however many pots you’re using. There’s a timer, float switches and a pump inside the controller. The pump is for returning the flooded nutes back into the res. barrel. Let me show you some pictures. @Myfriendis410 I have three large air stones in each of the three barrels I use. You don’t need air stones in the pots which is a plus.
Reservoir barrel and controller

Air stones and pump inside barrel


pump inside controller


I’ve seen the results of your grows and they speak for themselves.

Does this technique favor smaller plants over larger ones or can you do big plants readily?


I’ve probably averaged at least a pound a plant. I’ve never really gone beyond the time stated. Usually about 55 days or so. My last grow I limited to two plants in a 5X10 area but this time I’m trying for three.


How tall do you typically go before flipping? This is all pretty new to me as I’ve been in soil or media for the last couple of years. If you don’t mind I’ll tag you into my journal?


The two I have in there now I had to keep in veg. longer than I really wanted as to why I only planned on growing two. It was in veg. for 69 days and was about three foot tall. Now they sit over five feet in height and over four feet wide.


This was them the day I put them into the flowering room.

current picture


How long does that barrel last? How often do you
Need to change it?


If I’m only growing two plants then I’ll start off with about 20 gals. nutes and that will last one week until I change the nutrients. The amounts of each nutrients may change a little so I change every week. This is when in veg. Once I’m in the flowering room I’ll need to start off with about 30 gals. because they’ll be drinking more as they get bigger. Once I was growing four plants and I needed to start off with about 40 gals.or so. The two I have in flower now suck up about 3 gals. a day so I need 30 gals. for the two or I’ll run low before the next change.


Do you have an RO water system? I’m just trying to figure out how you get that much “clean” water on hand for a 40 gal change every week . I have been using distilled jugs from the store in the past. I was planning on running 6 plants at once


I am one of the more lucky ones. I have town water and it reads 0 ppm and about 7.1 ph. I also don’t have a water meter so I don’t pay by the gal. I fill up a spare barrel and let it sit a day or so before using it. I do have a 5 micron house filter in line also.


That is lucky . Mine isn’t bad i get about 130 ppm from the tap without any filters . Would that cause an issue in a set up like this ?


I don’t think so as long as you keep the ppms where they should be.