How does this sour diesel autoflower look at 26 days?

When you say you pruned, did you basically top it? Starting my first autos soon, and being that its a short time period to train, i want to have a plan ahead of time. Looks like you did an awesome job!! Congrats.

I would definitely try to mimic outdoors as much as possible. Water frequently. Low nutrients. I just finished Jack Herer, Bubblegum and OG autos in 7 weeks from seed to crop. At 26 days, I was 1 week into flowering and the buds were everywhere. I grew outdoors in a warm to hot, humid yet dry climate with the right amount of rainfall. I used Miracle Grow Performance Gro soil/ nutrient granules with moisture control soil in 11.5 in 3 gallon containers from Walmart. The bud is already cured and it is the most potent bud if ever had. I have 3 SD auto seedlings. Will update after 4 weeks! Good luck, hope the tips helped!

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Welcome to the community @Bestanley1992

We’re those plants your first grow? You did good!

I’ve done SD autos and found them to be tough to grow.

My last one came out great.

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