How does this sativa plant look to you?

How does this clone look? I received it March 12 as a seedling; Sour Diesel… it seemed to re-veg at some point along the way but now I think it’s doing okay. Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil has been pretty hot in the black felt pots in Los Angeles.

Why are the leaves yellow? I am still battling spider mites and grasshoppers w spinosad (a month ago I also put nematodes in and since then have added ladybugs). It seemed to be cooking when it was too close to the patio pavement so I moved it into the grass.

Please let me know if you think it’s doing okay or have any tips.



Nice plants. Im growing outdoors too this is only my first time but how often do you water the plant? It looks like over watering or maybe nutrient issues

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It’s a 15 gallon felt pot and I water it with about 2 gallons every 2 or 3 days - RO water with FFOF soil… I also use 2 teaspoons of Buds and Bloom fertilizer per gallon every other watering. The tips of the leaves had been pointing down and someone on here said it needed a good watering so I did that yesterday. I tried to diagnose leave tips pointing down online and I wondered if it had some kind of nute issue.

How are your plants doing and where are you?

I also have a seedling I grew outside from seed but it’s small.

Lots of things going on.

Have You managed to reduce the pests to the point of no visual confirmation?

I don’t use bottled nutes, but I suspect some nute burn. I can tell it revenged.

If that were my plant I would get a tan 30 gallon fabric pot and pot up.

Hold of on nutrients for a few weeks after transplant. Then if you do start adding do at 1/4 suggested dose. You can always add more, hard to subtract.

Having that pot on the hot concrete def no good.

You should start spraying weekly with BT. Caterpillars are coming.

I’m in SoCal too

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No, we still pick them off daily. The spinosad stopped working. Any recommendations?

Hey thanks for asking my plants are doing very well… I am from the Midwest so we definitely have different climates but my temps have been 90+ all week with 80-90% humidity… unreal… the only repellent for bugs I used was neem oil and I only sprayed like 3 times. No clue of it did anything… they get watered when it rains nothing else


Just spider mites and grasshoppers?

(Spidemites… ugh).


should i look for anything specific? that’s what i thought it was

Man must be a pain growing in that black soil!!! JK, looks very nice.

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OMG they are beautiful!!! Congratulations!
I was micromanaging everything in April/May and though I only grew 1 of 6 from seed to seedling, I learned a lot. I relaxed a bit after that and tried to just enjoy and learn from the experience. I think the FF soil is too hot to start seeds in is one thing I learned. Also, next time I will use tan felt pots, not black ones.

@Drinkslinger @AAA

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I’m in CA too growing sour d. It’s super hot here too so I use a trey with large rocks and water in to attempt to slightly cool her down. Natures AC if you will…

The water never touches the pot btw

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What a great idea! I was trying to figure out how to water with a tray without it sitting in there… duh! Thanks for this…

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Absolutely !! Another thing I’ve seen people do is dig a hole and put your pot in there to bring the temp down. But you have a pretty good size pot lol

It’s crazy because usually there is no water left in my tray by the end of the day. One more month of these miserable temps I hope :crossed_fingers:t3:

Hi everybody,

Growing for the first time this year. I’m pretty sure this is a male, but don’t want it be true. Would anyone with more experience be willing to take a look at these pics and share their opinion? The plant’s grown taller than me, so I’d hate to snuff it out without being sure.

Thank you

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First off let me say welcome to the forums. I’m afraid there is no question about it. It’s a boy.

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Totally a dood! But welcome :pray:

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Chop those nuts. Sorry for your loss.

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Thank you! Confirmation made that process much easier.

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