How does this plant look


First grow with pineapple Haze outside. this is August 15th in the Midwest area. USA


I’d have to say I’m not sure

( You forgot the picture ) :wink:


Looks like its gonna die buddy, very pale to me . I’D Rather Be Poking Smot or at least seeing a picture of it


yup , it don’t look good for this one :sob:


Seems to be camouflaged nice job


I agree with Brian… best outdoor camo job I have ever seen.


Can’t figure out how to add picture


Dont know if your using a cell phone to post on here but if you are- Take a pic of the plant, then go to your post with your cell phone and click to reply, on the bottom right corner of the text box your typing in it wii say in blue"Upload". Click that. When you click it a box should appear on your phone with an icon for files or pictures, click that and go into your cell phone pictures. Select the picture you like and select done. Your pic should start to upload in your post box. As it loads you should see the percent counting upwards until it reaches 100% . Then u will see some jibberish text in the post box, thats the pictures code that helps it appear when u push reply. Dont interfere or text anything in that code. Skip down a space and finish texting to the post if you wanna say anything you want printed with the picture and press reply. It all should show up in the post/text box within seconds. If you want to edit it, you will see a little pencil icon in the same box your text just posted on, click that and make your changes. Then push reply again and it will post.Good Luck


Thank you 4 play I’ll give it a try. Also thanks all for the replies as I needed a good laugh this morning


Its says upload bottom right corner