How does this one plant look?


I am a beginner. Struggling with the time for harvest. I am thinking couple more weeks maybe?

Better pic , looks like a lettuce

Yes sir at least another couple weeks or more :smile: lots of white pistols, after 70 to 90 % turn orange, then you can check the tricomes then. Doing good man, keep up the good work.

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Almost looks mutant. Polyploid maybe? Lots of huge flower sites…

That’s called “Foxtailing”. It can be from stress or just genetics. The buds will continue to form like that.

The good news, apart from being ugly, is that the buds will still be useable.

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And lots of it!

It is Sour D. I did stress the shit out of her. She is very thick and seems to be some pretty good smoke hopefully.

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I started on vipars they still need some distance from the light sp shoot for 18 in next time. The girls kinda hate their red spectrum. It should burn decent tho.

20 days since my last post. Do this plant look ready to harvest yet?