How does these plant look?

Here is the other plants.


Looking good bro are you feeding nute if so I’d stop the now also what soil and light are you using

Not yet I just been feeding the plants water. I’m a new grower and I didn’t want mess anything up. Lol but the soil I’m using is ffof

And what nutes do I need? I only have grow big and big bloom fox farm products

Fox farms trio is good. As is Jacks 321. Ocean forest is a little hot, so be careful not to water in excess. The nitrogen will toast your babies. Water in a circle about 2-3 inches from the stem. This promotes root growth. And definitely wait to give them any nutes. Should be weeks before you need to feed.

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Fox Farm Trio is good. A lot of growers on here are using Jacks 321

You’ll want to add Tiger Bloom too. These 3 products make up the FF “Trio.” You’ll need it when you approach flowering.

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When is a good time for transplanting?

When u gave three nodes

What size container are you in currently? Usually it’s recommended to transplant once the leaf tips reach the edges of your current pot. It’s not a hard rule as there is a whole thread on here with people growing multiple ounce plants to harvest in solo cups.

You don’t need any nutes for about 5 weeks in FFOF. It’s calls for them on the schedule, but the soil is real hot already. You can add them, but don’t full strength.

2- gallon pots

I wouldn’t worry about changing pot size until they start peeking over the edges, some people do full indoor grows in 3 gallon pots.

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