How does the vivosun vs4000 led full spectrum lights work

This is my first time grow. I am trying to educate myself on lighting to make sure I keep my girls happy during their different stages of growth. I have a vivosun vs4000 full spectrum led grow light. I was trying to find information on how the full spectrum works during the different growing stages (seedling, vegetation, flowering). I have read that during the different growing stages plants need more of a particular light spectrum. I could not find any good information on the net. Most just contained specs, unboxing, and a few unhelpful reviews. So, I figured I’d come to the experts. Does the vivosun vs4000 address different light spectrum needs during the different plant growth stages? I can only change light percentage, is this how vivosun vs4000 address the need for different levels of color spectrum during different stages of growth?

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If it’s full spectrum, you’re good to go all the way from seedling to flower. All you need to control is ppfd and dli. Download the photone app, set it to full spectrum led, and it will get you in the ball park. Here’s a couple of guides to use to set it per plant stage. The first one is ppfd, and the second is dli.


Thank you for the information @Dexterado

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No problem. I just recently switched to an hlg 350r, and just learned about dli and ppfd. I think it’s very helpful, and important. Plus it saves a lot of electricity since you don’t need as much light until flowering.


@hmfischer25 I have the same light. The Manual has the different settings and respective distance for each stage of growth. Do you have your specs? I can dig mine out and post a pic if not. I am finishing up what appears to me to be an excellent run with this light. I think you’ll enjoy it as well!! Happy growing!!


Thank you @Fieldofdreams. I do have my specs that the light came with. I just wish it had more of an explanation of how they worked. I found that I need to put the light closer to my seedlings because if I don’t, the lil’ buggers like to stretch. I will attach a picture of “Abagail” my Hawaiian strain. I will probably have to have a support her in a few days to keep her from falling over. The other girl right next to Abigail in the picture is “Blue” my Blueberry strain. The girl in the next pot is “Wanda” my White Widow strain.

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