How does she look guys?

She’s about 3 months old and I’m doing kind of an indoor outdoor grow I put her out in the morn and bring her in at night trying to save on running my light till I have to for flower I’m using roots organic nutes and ffof soil

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The top pic is today the other is about 3 weeks ago

Bushy! Probably time for a bigger container. Great job.

Yeah it’s a five gallon pot but I’ve been thinking the same thing

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Oops. I was looking at the 2nd pic.

Although… what size is she in?

Yup. You should go bigger!

I’m gonna try to put her in a 10 gal cloth pot tomorrow


Decided it was time to flip


She looks nice and bushy ! What strain ?

My buddy have me the seeds said it was sour diesel

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Not really sure though lol

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Sour Diesel it is ! :ok_hand: Nice work so far !

You’re gonna have a lot of tops lol nice looking plant

I’m trying to decide if I should scrog it or not I was just thinking of letting her do her thing and tying up if I have to

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That’s a 4x4 tent 600 watt hps

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I’m attempting a scrog on this my second grow…it seems to make the best use of light

This is my second grow also I scrogged the first time and I figured I’d try something different this time I think I have way better genetics

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@Noobilgrower ima tag u over to my grow…if it isnt storming saturday I’m making some mismatched hacksaw cut scrogs with super glue and 3 kinds of tape minimum complete with pictures lol

I’d just let it go this time. SD has a big stretch and takes awhile to mature. They’ll give you a nice yield though. Looks great. I would have flipped it about 6 weeks ago.